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Beetroot Carpaccio

Beetroot 2 kg
Rocket lettuce 250 gm
Turnip 1 kg
Feta cheese 400 gm
Pine nuts 100 gm
Extra virgin
olive oil 200 ml
Sprouts 200 gm
Salt 10 gm
Black pepper 10 gm
Lemon 200 gm
Honey 300ml
Sea salt 20 gm
Mayonnaise 100 gm
Artichoke 50 gm

Boil beet root and turnip separately. Allow them to cool. Make lemon honey dressing by mixing lemon, honey, and olive oil seasonings. Make thin slices of beet root and turnips and then arrange on the plate. Arrange lettuce on it. Sprinkle feta and pine nuts and dressing on the plate. Make artichoke cream by mixing artichoke puree and mayonnaise. Drizzle the puree over the top and serve.
(Courtesy: Chef Saurabh Chandel, Executive Sous Chef, The Imperial, New Delhi.)
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