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bbq burger

Chicken burger patty cajun 1 no
Spiced rubbed 220 gms
Burger bun 1 no
Butter 10 gms
Bacon rashers 40 gms
Cheddar cheese slices 1 no (30 gms)
Memphis bbq sauce 15 gms
Shredded iceberg 20 gms
Tomato slices 5 no (25 gms)
Fried onion rings 50 gms 5 nos
Black and green olive 1 no. each
French fries 75 gms
Oil for frying 60 ml
Lettuce head 1 no
1. Ccook burger patty on griddle, cut bun in two and toast. Remove patty from grill and top with heated bacon, and cheddar cheese, gratinate.
2. Spread bbq sauce on the top half of the burger bun.
3. Arrange lettuce, then tomato on bun, top with patty, put fried onion rings then top half. Serve with fries and lettuce head.
(Courtesy: Chef Shivanand Kain, Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa resort)

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