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When you travel, you collect more than souvenirs. You broaden your horizons, amass meaningful memories and expand your knowledge about the world. The best travellers – the ones who are more than just tourists – have a thirst for knowledge that can never really be quenched.

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The Panama Canal is hailed as one of humankind's greatest achievements of the 20th Century. The building of the canal allowed ships traveling from New York to California to save close to 8,000 miles of the journey.


Have you ever seen a member of The Vatican's Swiss Guard and wondered why they wear such eye-catching uniforms? The distinct red, blue, and yellow striped suits Swiss Guard soldiers don are thought to have been inspired by one of Raphael's Renaissance paintings.


You've probably heard of one of Monaco's most famous landmarks, the Grand Casino de Monte Carlo. But what you may not have known is gambling is actually illegal for citizens of Monaco! In fact, even just setting foot in the casino is illegal for Monaco citizens, with the exception of its employees. However, the law doesn't apply to more than 80% of the population, as foreign nationals residing in Monaco are exempt.


There are many beautiful sights to behold in Yangon, Myanmar, but perhaps the most breathtaking of all is the Shwedagon Pagoda. The gilded stupa (a structure containing relics that's used for meditation) features an umbrella crown covered with 5,448 diamonds and 2,317 rubies. At the very top is a stunning 76-carat diamond.

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