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Bread Pizza

Bread Pizza
Ingredients (240 ml cup used)
4 slices of bread
olive oil as needed
2 tbsp pizza sauce or tomato sauce
as needed
½ to ¾ cup grated cheese
½ tsp Italian herbs or oregano
¼ to ½ tsp red chili flakes
1 medium onion cubed and layers separated
½ cup capsicum cubed
Firm tomato deseeded and cubed (optional) Olives as desired
If you prefer halve the bread slices diagonally. You can also use them as it is. Smear olive oil and toast the bread lightly on one side. Switch off the heat. flip them. Smear the sauce thinly as desired. Layer onions, capsicum and tomatoes. Layer cheese and then the herbs and chili flakes . make bread pizza on stove top Begin to toast on a low to medium heat. Cover the pan if making on stove. Toast until the cheese melts. make bread pizza in oven After topping the bread put the pan in preheated oven and bake for just S to 8 mins at 220 C or until the veggies get grilled partially and the cheese melts and turns golden.
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