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Rejuvenate around HYDERABAD

Away from the hustle of Hyderabad, exotic resorts in the city’s periphery are waiting to host you in exquisite comfort with an overwhelming focus on your mental and physical well-being

Hyderabad, in the Deccan plateau, has an enchanting plethora of scenic spots around the city. If you find boulders and rocks in the midst of a rising hillock, you may well find an enchanting little water body at another; you may also find a trucker washing his gaddi!

Enterprising businessmen, who invested in land years ago, are now building upon these scenic spots and providing exquisite little getaways where people come and spend two or three days to relax and unwind. The secret ingredient in most of these successful ventures is a foreign educated second-generation scion of a wealthy family who is willing to take the risk of tapping into the growing potential of such a place, especially when a city begins to burst at its seams.

Most such resorts have swimming pools, where kids have their own splash pools and play areas, large dining halls where a wedding meal can be accommodated, vintage nooks and quaint gardens to spend a quiet evening – something for everyone!

So, if you are a writer looking to finish your novel or just another young (or old!) couple wanting to escape for a little privacy, you can always opt for one of these beautiful spots!

Aalankrita Resort & Convention

This is one of the oldest resorts set up in Shamirpet, on the outskirts of the city. A combination of business and aesthetics prompted the growth and expansion of the place to today's enviable position – Aalankrita Resorts is Hyderabad's only 4-star resort.

After 18 years in the business, Aalankrita Resorts has 120 cottages, a number of convention halls and multiple restaurants to cater to different tastes. This resort offers a wide range of enjoyable options and opportunities for discerning visitors with specific requirements. It is well-maintained and its sprawling lawns and gardens have been appreciated by the Horticulture Department of Hyderabad. Far away from the hustle of the town, the gardens allure a walk through its lush green pathways, calming your stress down. My favourite trip to Aalankrita was for the Durga Puja two years ago. There was a beautifully done pandal with all the solemnity and none of the chaos that accompanies community pujas. We loved it.

Palm Exotica Boutique Resort & Spa

Palm Exotica Boutique Resort & Spa, placed on the highlands of Shankarpalli Hyderabad, is an eco-friendly vacation retreat. Started in 2013, it boasts of magnificent views, an exceptional array of recreational activities, adventure games and spa salons. Their special attraction was the 9-hole golf course, which unfortunately had to be shut down due to a lack of patronage.

Visitors beware! You may be spoilt for choices. Evenings can be enriched by a comfortable social retreat where you can sit under the stars and share a fizzy drink or just roll on the grass in an unparalleled leisurely way – whatever makes you smile! Of course, an encounter at the dining counter will leave you salivating for more!

It can be a vacation made in heaven, excellent for groups, honeymooners and corporates alike. This is probably one of the few resorts that offer wheelchair accessibility right from the car park to the poolside and to your rooms.

Lahari Resorts

Started in 2006, Lahari Resorts serves as an exciting vacation spot. Spread across 35 acres of land, amidst the ethereal beauty of nature – this resort features beautiful fountains, water bodies, lawns and flower beds. In a stretch of 12 years, the resort has been able to create an enviable brand name, gaining immense appreciation from visitors. Apart from serving as an eminent family vacation spot, this resort is also an ideal corporate destination for business and pleasure.

The resort has been built to resemble a small modern village, consisting of a huge cricket stadium, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a conference hall, restaurant, discotheque and 59 fully air-conditioned luxurious rooms and suites loaded completely with all kinds of modern day amenities.

The resort also organises some of the most exciting adventure activities for all its guests, which include go-carting, a trip to the bowling alley, table tennis, snooker/billiards, paintball, beach volleyball and more. Due to its world-class features and facilities, Lahari Resorts is counted amongst the best in Hyderabad.

Leonia Holistic Destination

The resort, which also serves as a holistic centre and a destination for revitalisation, is known for its array of services. Located in areas amidst sprawling greenery, natural rock formations and designed in a way to include beautiful rooms, this destination offers an unparalleled holiday or business stay. The resort features luxury suites as well as villas, with almost fifty fun activities that people can enjoy. The hospitality and richness of their service help in making your holiday unforgettable. Offering a world of experiences, this resort features a Leo Juventa Spa, which is the first of its kind focusing on holistic wellness of the mind, body and spirit. The spa at one of the best luxury resorts isn't just about pampering, it is also about rejuvenation and use of scientific methodologies to ensure that one looks and feels great. The luxury resort also has swimming pools, special suites for couples, wedding halls and a gymnasium centre.

A special fitness area, styling, and a kids' spa give this Hyderabad resort an edge over others. Rooms and suites are comfortable and feature equipment and aesthetic decor of world-class standards.

Pragati Resorts

Pragati is popular as one of the most affordable resorts in Hyderabad. This wellness resort, which is designed across 85 acres of area, is surrounded by sprawling gardens and lush green lawns. The resort is filled with the enchanting fragrance of over 24 lakh aromatic plants that include flowering trees, plants of tropical origin, over 650 varieties of medicinal plants and herbs, which are known for having a calming effect. Along with its hallmark 'pollution free' environment, there is an endless range of recreational facilities which attract people of all age groups to Pragati Resort. Bringing luxury to the lap of nature, this resort provides an opportunity to enjoy Pushpa Ayurveda therapeutic massages, including the alternative therapies of inhaling aroma flowers and leaves, which helps in rejuvenation of the mind and releases toxins from the body. The resort, which also features a water park, is known for its endless range of services and enjoyable opportunities. While the kids went splashing in the pool with their parents hovering over them, two of us grandmas decided we needed the ayurvedic massage – it was definitely a treat!

Popular as one of the best eco-friendly luxury resorts in the country, Pragati Resorts offers a clubhouse and indoor game facilities, along with health facilities such as a swimming pool, fitness centre, yoga classes and jogging tracks. It also provides rain dance and water games, ensuring that travellers can easily entertain themselves. The garden restaurant is quite popular for its fresh, multi-cuisine food, while the rooms here are spacious and aesthetically appealing.


On the Hyderabad-Nagpur highway, you may find a stray camel who has wandered off the quirky mini Rajasthan. Dhola-Ri-Dhani was built by someone who felt nostalgic for his home and wanted Hyderabadis to know more about the culture and food of the desert state. If you want to spend an evening in Maharaja style and enjoy the ambience of ethnic Rajasthan, then drive just 11 km out of the city on the Nagpur highway where this resort is located.

Apart from the exquisite Rajasthani food served here, you could also take a cool dip into the pool and get your palm read by the in-house astrologer. A clever ventriloquist will amaze you with a trick or two, while you laugh your heart out. The exclusive handicrafts showroom will allow you to take some exquisite handicrafts home, encouraged by the amazing discounts. The camels on the grounds complete the feel of being in Rajasthan, evoking the golden era of kings and queens!

Unfortunately, the place seems to have fallen in favour mainly due to a lack of maintenance. When it was newly started at the end of the 90s, its greatest attraction was its novelty – a taste of Rajasthan in the heartland of the South!

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