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Mesmerisingw Melbourne

Pratishtha Nangia shares her experience of travelling in Melbourne, guiding you through the sightseeing, cuisine and efficiently spending your time amidst the quiet of nature and rush of Queen Victoria Market.

Mesmerisingw Melbourne

A perfect getaway for the young and restless, a visit to Melbourne city of Victoria seems to have taken a troll over my senses. Victoria, the southeastern state of Australian, is an evergreen landscape complemented by scenic beaches dwelled upon by its friendly and carefree people. Along with the gushing sound of waves striking the shore is a feeling so divine, that it can make one forget problems of past, tensions in the present and anxieties for the future.

This trip had, for a long time rested on my travel itinerary, burdened underneath a pile of old books on a wooden shelf in my room. My travel plans were finally executed last December after a month-long hustle for obtaining my visa and four-month-long wait after booking my tickets. My excitement moved up to the very notch as my flight took off from Delhi, and I began my exploration of Melbourne the next morning upon touchdown. The jet lag of an almost 16-hour flight was nothing compared to my excitement for discovering the new city. Amidst nature, there is a bustling city, home to various multinational corporations. Food, music, multi-culture, shopping, art galleries and museums – everything entitles one to experience an endless list of activities and sights.
Flinder's Street railway station is a complex in itself and is the busiest station in Melbourne. One can be a part of the busy city life within this station. Major landmarks including Federation Square, Queens Bridge, and Yara River are near this station. A line of cafes and fine dining restaurants offering various cuisines line the banks of this river. Tourists love to watch the street art, cathedrals, parks and local joints while walking down the happening streets.
St Kilda, one of the famous beaches offers the best water activities in the city. With palm trees, kosher bakeries, beer cafes, art-deco mansions, retro flats, roller coasters, St Kilda is also one of the most visited places by tourists and one of Melbourne's classic summer playgrounds. Also, a 'must do' here is to hang around sunset, as one might get to see some indigenous penguins walk by – quite a rare sight for people from the northern hemisphere.
The Brighton beach gives its visitors an advantage of seaside bathing. Decked up on the shore are bathing boxes, an artistic embellishment in vibrant colours. This distinctive feature makes this beach easily recognizable. Melbourne as a city hides many of its most boutiques, cafés, bars and art down nondescript laneways, behind inconspicuous doors, and up rickety old stairs. It is the visitor's job to go on an excursion to find the offbeat creativity while wandering the streets.
Melbourne Central Shopping Centre has a history to it. Coop's Shot Tower, encased in a domed glass window that stands 84m high is one of the only three 19th century shot towers remaining in Australia. It was saved from demolition in 1973 and was incorporated into Melbourne Central complex. The Docklands really does not have anything happening down there unless you want to go on the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel.
The best time to visit the city is in March, thanks to a number of events: The Melbourne International Comedy; Melbourne Food and Wine festivals; Moomba festival; and Melbourne Fashion Festival. Queen Victoria Market, very much like our Sarojini Nagar market which has a mind-boggling collection of cheap shopping items. You can grab a coffee from Padre or from Pickett's Deli & Rotisserie depending on your entry into the market arena. There are specific summer and winter night markets held on various occasions throughout the year, as food vendors, art installations and exclusive shopping set up a lively mood.
Apart from the city, there are many other tourist destinations in Victoria which can be visited during your stay in Melbourne. You can hire a car to visit these places and mark my words, the road trip will not disappoint you. While in the city, do not forget to take a trip to Melbourne Cricket Ground and Star deck. Travelling in the city is easier if you avail local transport instead of rented cars or cabs. Melbourne offers one of the best city tram and train services which connects every nook and corner of the city.
Great Ocean Road: Great Ocean Road in Victoria can be a one day tour alongside the ocean and hills giving a spectacular view. It is one of the main attractions for tourists and a must visit for the young and the restless. Blue waves on the left and rainforest hills on the right provide a picturesque view to be etched in the memory forever. The drive by the beaches ends with a famous landmark, called Twelve Apostles.
Experience Philip Island: Philip Island is a peaceful getaway due to its amicable environment. It has a solemn beach which offers you a good walk on the sand allowing you to indulge in some me-time. In a different part of the island, people indulge in various adventure sports. There is a famous penguin show during sunsets which allows people to get to know about them. Phillip Island is famous for its 'penguin parade'; at dusk, every day, a colony of Little (Fairy) Penguins emerge from the water at Sutherland Beach like waddling commuters heading home from a busy day at sea. It is a sight you would not want to miss.

Indulge in Natural Trails: Places like Dandenong Ranges and Stevenson falls allow tourists to experience various treks in different terrains amidst rainforests. The green air, chirping birds, and waterfalls set a perfect environment to loosen up your mind from the mayhem in daily life. If you want to explore some admirable wood carvings, William Ricketts Sanctuary is the place to be in Dandenong Ranges.
You might consider a family picnic at Yan Yean Reservoir Park near Whittlesea. Just pack your food and the barbeque sauces to spend a peaceful day amidst hills and water. There is a generous provision of grills and space for a proper picnic.

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