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Copenhagen:Epitome of Scandi cool

28 Dec 2019 1:59 PM GMT
Replete with history and old world culture existing in harmony alongside modernity, Copenhagen is an oasis of calmness for a potential traveller in a world that is insistently busy and disordered – a city of happiness

A Corbett beyond safaris

21 Dec 2019 2:08 PM GMT
If you want to escape the city life - teeming with steel, pollution and stress - the Jim Corbett National Park can be much more than just a safari destination to catch a glimpse of the majestic cats, it becomes a sanctuary for the beleaguered soul

A Bali beach wedding

14 Dec 2019 1:38 PM GMT
What could be better than spending the most important day of your life in Bali with memories of white beaches, golden sunsets and vast blue waters

Maldives - Nature's sunken garden

7 Dec 2019 2:09 PM GMT
Unrivalled luxury, stunning white-sand beaches and an amazing underwater wildlife, make Maldives an obvious choice for the holiday of a lifetime

Island of the Gods - Bali

30 Nov 2019 2:53 PM GMT
With an abundance gift of natural beauty, Bali is known for its alluring arts which includes traditional and modern dance forms, its splendid sculptures, flashy paintings, excellent leather, beautiful metalwork and amazing music

Cradle of the Renaissance: Florence

23 Nov 2019 1:39 PM GMT
Located in the heart of stunning Tuscany region, the city is surrounded by natural and manmade beauty at every turn – offering a journey of discovery and enlightenment as well as a feast for our senses

Dubrovnik: Pearl of the Adriatic

16 Nov 2019 2:01 PM GMT
The scenic rugged coastline running along the length of Croatia offers innumerable dipping points into the Adriatic Sea. For a tourist on a short...

Mc Cluskieganj: Sojourn to an Unrealised Dream

9 Nov 2019 1:56 PM GMT
A trip to McCluskieganj is mostly about relaxing and enjoying the beauty of nature – walks along the streets of this small hilly town in Jharkhand will give you sights of many colonial houses with their rich architecture

Wild vistas of Chitwan

2 Nov 2019 2:49 PM GMT
Tucked in Nepal’s unexplored Terai landscape, Chitwan National Park is among Asia’s most fascinating wildlife hotspots with an exciting plethora of mammal and avian species

Milan - Artistry in motion

26 Oct 2019 1:55 PM GMT
Milan boasts of rich art history and its creative confluence is reflected abundantly everywhere – from historical sites and museums to isolated sculptures and street art

Safari across SRI LANKA

12 Oct 2019 2:12 PM GMT
Sri Lanka offers an unforgettable concoction of wildlife experiences, ranging from big mammals to colourful avian species – a treat to your senses and camera lenses

Oman - Beauty with an address

5 Oct 2019 2:32 PM GMT
With an abundance of natural beauty, from spectacular mountains, wind-blown deserts and a pristine coastline, Oman is the obvious choice for those seeking out the modern face of Arabia without the distorting lens of excessive wealth
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