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Unwind your emotions

Anger plays havoc with your body. Research shows that anger can increase people’s — especially men’s — chances of developing coronary heart disease.

My mother is very partial towards my elder brother. I'm in Class-X and he's studying engineering. This really upsets me!
Upal, Kolkata
Sometimes parents are a bit partial towards the firstborn. And, I completely understand your feelings. But, to you I must say, hold onto your emotions. Don't be upset. Life is a long journey and it is yet to begin. Be a good son and focus on building yourself for a better tomorrow. Be such a person that everyone will be proud of you. Don't let small things demotivate you. All the best!
I get angry very fast and sometimes end up breaking expensive things or doing things that I repent later. How can I control myself?
Taaj, New Delhi
Everybody gets angry, but out-of-control rage isn't good for you or those around you. When you can't control your anger, you may get into fist-fights or drive recklessly, for example, endangering yourself and others. But anger also plays havoc with your own body. Research shows that anger can increase people's — especially men's — chances of developing coronary heart disease and resulting in worse outcomes if they already have heart disease. Anger can also lead to stress-related problems, such as insomnia, digestive problems, and headaches.
Try these to help cool yourself:
Breathe deeply, from your diaphragm. Breathing from your chest won't relax you, so picture your breath coming up from your "gut." Slowly repeat a calming word or phrase, such as "relax" or "take it easy." Keep repeating it to yourself while breathing deeply. Use imagery. Visualise a relaxing experience from your memory or your imagination.Try non-strenuous, slow exercises. Yoga and similar activities can relax your muscles and calm you down. Good luck!
I dream of erotic fantasies every night. I dream of strippers and whores. Is it abnormal?
Name unknown
Well, the line between normal and abnormal is too thin. What might seem normal to you, might look absurd to others. I suggest, you read some good books or watch some television programs, films before you sleep. Fill your mind with healthy thoughts. Dreams are nothing but the extension of the thoughts we gather. Watching constructive things might help your mind clear the eroticism. Everything in life is fine as long as it is in a healthy portion.
I want to be an actor. My parents want me to get into the family business. I don't know how to convince them. Can you help?
DJ, Haryana
If you feel that you have the ability and the patience to pursue your dreams then you should only listen to yourself. The entertainment industry has its glory, but it has a lot of difficulties that one has to cope up with. The factor of luck is also vital. Please tell them that you need a few years to dedicate yourself to your dream. If by chance, it doesn't click, you will do as they want. Convince them and I'm sure, they'll understand and support you
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