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Through hard times

Life is full of ups and downs, twists and turns, love and loss; and it would be worth experiencing everything. Learn to accept the bad and adjust it in a way that you can endure and overcome

My ex-boyfriend is threatening to expose our intimate photos and videos through social media. I'm feeling horribly scared as I'm getting married this July. My family will disown me. What can I do?

Name withheld

That's terrible! Don't you have anyone in your family or circle of friends who can help you fight this out? You perhaps would need some strong support to sort this mess. Don't be scared. Blackmailing is a serious and punishable offense. He should realize this. Don't delay any further. Involve the ones you can trust and act without any fear. Family might be angry for a while, but they will always support you to overcome this crisis. Be confident and fight this out.

I lost my dad 8 years ago and I'm a college student now. I do not approve the man my mother is going around with. How do I stop this? Please help.

Name withheld

This disapproval could also be out of sheer possessiveness towards your mother. Or, you might have reasons good enough to dislike the man in her life. I strongly recommend that you have a very open conversation with your mother.

Express everything you feel with reasons. In a situation where talk is difficult, you can write to her too. She must be completely aware of your feelings. If there is nothing you can do to stop, just let it be.

Enjoy college life, change city when you can and have a happy life. Sometimes we do not understand the story of others. Let us focus to make ours better each day. Cheer up, good luck.

How important is horoscope matching for a match making?

Raghu Pandey, Noida

To some it is mandatory, to others it is vague. Personally speaking, for an arranged marriage you can try doing this as you have the option to choose.

A lot of marriages sail well even without the interference of astrology and a lot break even though their horoscopes looked positive together. Marriage as a bond requires much more than just planets predicting positive future. Wish you the very best.

I have shifted to Nagpur and I'm very scared of sleeping alone. I'm turning insomniac. How can I overcome this?

Pinky Rahega, Jharkhand

I completely understand. A little noise in the background might help you sleep. While people with insomnia often play music that is combined with the sound of nature; in your case too, you may need to play the sound of people talking.

Turn on the TV, choose a 24-hour news/ music channel, and adjust the volume. It is quite likely that you'll get bored and sleep more easily soon.

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