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Not at the cost of friendship

Not at the cost of friendship
We are married and have a kid. How good or bad partner is swapping ? We even want to experiment group sex.
A Dayal, New Delhi

I'm nobody to judge bad or good. I can imagine that swapping/ group sex is a colorful act but can't really comment on its consequences later. This is a decision of the participating adults. Just ensure that momentary pleasures do not lead to permanent damages. As parents you have a responsibility towards your child. Don't do anything that will cast a negative shadow in the mind of the young one. Enjoy life. Experiment. But please be extra safe. Life is a long journey and sometimes we ignore the truth of consequences while painting the colors of the present.

My best friend's parents got divorced. He is shattered. I feel very helpless. We are in 6th standard. How can I help him?
Jai, Kolkata
Just be extra kind and extra supportive towards him. Help him in whatever little ways you can. With his homework, taking him out to movies, bringing him over to your place for studies, sleepovers or simple adda. Your parents can also help you to be beside him. Why don't you both join some salsa, music, art or something that interests you both? This is going to help him come out of this phase with ease. Good to see such a caring friend like you. I'm sure the clouds will fade and your friend will recover soon!

I have developed a huge crush towards my friend's mom. She's too hot and a single parent. Should I approach her? I'm in college.
Name unknown, New Delhi
Crush or infatuation is a temporary attraction which will get over with time. She's your friend's mother and I'm sure that if you do not let go of this feeling now, you might lose your friend in future. Just imagine, one of your friend fantasising your parent! How does that feel? Change shoes and act/react in life. This will make life and its decisions easier. Too many hot, hotter women around. Explore. Play safe but don't ruin friendships at any cost.

Our only son is a businessman and has developed major drinking habits. He regularly comes home in an unstable condition. What should we do?
Mrs and Mr Kaur, New Delhi
You should have a breakfast table chat with him. As parents, express your concern in a friendly manner. Try to understand his reasons for drinking so much. Don't get into any argumentative mood. Look and sound hurt but not nagging. Parents, their precious teardrops, sincere requests and endless love sometimes have huge healing effects on kids. You can also take some inputs from your doctor who can advise you ways to treat alcoholism. Seek professional help from rehabilitation centers, if needed. Good luck!

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