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Know about the walking noses!

When a dog sticks its head out the window, it's like pigging out at an all-you-can-smell scent buffet.

Know about the walking noses!
How do reflective belts for dogs / cows help?

A. Reflective belts make the animal visible at night and saves them from being run over by vehicles or being hit by motorists who can see the belts from far and avoid running into the animals. Reflective belts are also indicative of the fact that someone is looking after them and they belong to someone.

Why do dogs like to stick their head out of the car window?

A number of dog behaviorists agree that the windows main draw isn't the scenery or the breeze. What dogs are after are smells. Dogs are basically walking noses. While our human olfactory membranes (a lump of tissue tucked up in the nose) are only about the size of a postage stamp and hold some 5 million olfactory receptors, or "scent cells," a large dog has an olfactory membrane closer in size to a handkerchief and more than 225 million receptors. As air moves over the olfactory membrane, odour molecules settle on the scent receptors and get recognized. The more air there is flowing over the membrane, the more scents the dogs can detect. So when a dog sticks its head out the window, it's like pigging out at an all-you-can-smell scent buffet.

The vet has asked me to bathe the dog with Benzoyl Peroxide Shampoo as a treatment for mange. How should I do it ?

This is the treatment recommended when your dog has been attacked by mange mites.. Demodex burrow deep in your dog's follicles and pores, trapping yeast and bacteria, fostering secondary infection, increasing inflammation. Benzoyl peroxide shampoo is considered to be THE mange shampoo because of its unique ability to flush the follicles. Nothing else does the same trick.The more frequently you use it the faster you chip away the built up debris that makes life easy for the mites. But it's not enough to just lather doggie up, let the shampoo sit there for 10 minutes then give a quick rinse. Bathe indoors to keep the dog warm throughout this process. To keep the air in the room warm, use a small space heater if you have to. USE THE WARMEST WATER POSSIBLE. Bathing where it's cold, or with cold water, is counter-productive! Benzoyl peroxide opens the pores and follicles, but cold closes them.. Nothing's going to penetrate tense skin with pores and follicles that have slammed shut. It's also water is what flushes out the gunk and help get rid of higher level mites.Wet the dog thoroughly first with warm water (not cool or room-temperature).
Generously apply a good quality benzoyl peroxide shampoo that is formulated for pets. Cover every part of the dog's body. Leave no safe places for mites, yeast and infection.(Diluting it slightly in a bit of warm water may make it easier to spread.) Lather well and continue to work the lather constantly for a long time. (At least 10 minutes if you can.) Keep adding a little warm water if necessary – just lather for as long as you can. Massage the skin with your fingers if possible to help break up crud build-up. Work the shampoo around the eyes, ears and paws. Our store has protective eye drops if you need them to work up close to the eyes. After some warm soaking, it can be helpful to gather folds of skin, gently gripping as close to the body as possible without causing discomfort. You want to have a decent fold of skin above your hands. Gripping both sides of the skin fold close to the body, gently squeeze as you glide your hands towards you as if to express subcutaneous matter. Massage therapists use a similar technique to help loosen toxins in tissue. Rinse, rinse, rinse. Really flood that skin ever so thoroughly with warm running water — then rinse some more. It's the rinsing that is your friend. Thorough, aggressive rinsing provides the flushing action we want) Our goal is to open pathways so Mite Avenge can penetrate better, create a healthier skin environment, reduce yeast. Proper use of benzoyl peroxide shampoo does that and it helps purge toxins, waste, sebum, trash and mites lurking below the surface.. If you don't already have a hand-held shower head that sprays, get one of those hand held sprayer attachments that goes over the tap so you can rinse with copious amounts of running warm water. Dogs with mange always need to be brushed daily. Dogs end up with dander, yeast flakes and other debris that must be removed daily. Otherwise, they add to the mites' food supply and harbor pathogens that increase the chance of secondary infection. A good habit is to brush right before performing your daily povidone iodine wipe down. It is unrealistic to expect a complete cure just by shampooing. In truth, Demodectic mange can't be effectively cured by using just one method of treatment. This explains why chemicals and single-step treatments is such an abysmal long term recurrence rate

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