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Maa...aah! The One

Maa...aah! The One
She ensured to take care of us from the time she knew we existed. We arrived only when she chose to share her everything with us. The pain she tolerated, the bump she carried, the marks that are still dazzling her skin; she never complained. Her touch, her warmth, her love remains indispensable. She will feed, bleed, care and be there in all seasons. She is the Mother.

'Maa', 'Amma' or "Mamma', whatever she might be called, universally most mothers are a symbol of strength and care. However old we might become, we perhaps never grow up in front of her. Mothers vary: disciplinarian, over suspicious, over curious, over alert, over possessive. We feel burdened to answer her never ending questions, and her nagging phone calls can look crazy too.

Have you eaten?
When are you coming home?
Don't do this or that...
Oh Maa! Stop! Oh Maa.......start!
Yes. Let's start to understand something that we perhaps don't care to think. Today is Mother's Day and a perfect day to begin with. May be you did buy her flowers or you will take her out for a meal or buy her a present. May be you will make her feel extra special by changing your social handle DPs to your favourite picture together but may be there is something else she needs from you? Your time. Your precious company that she longs for. So, to keep it simple let's tuck the digital distractions and the smart phones away and promise to spend quality time with her everyday from today. May be just some time, just her and you.

I won't be surprised if you haven't yet asked her about her bucket list. Adventures that remain undone. Figure it out and do the best you can for her, from now. Trust me, she won't be there forever. Don't feel irritated to attend her phone calls for when it stops for a lifetime!

Stop taking her for granted. For when she leaves, she takes away the pleasure and peace of the word MAA with her. Ask the one who has lost a mother and hear the voice tremble. How the motherless have lost a part of their life, buried or burnt she takes more than we can ever imagine. Ask me and I shall tell...

If you are lucky, worship her while she is alive. Days like today just reaffirms the truth: MAA is power. MAA is priceless.
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