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Stepping out of a mess

Solutions to ego clashes are dictated by the personalities involved and circumstances, but effective and constructive communication is vital.

Stepping out of a mess
I'm 20-year-old guy from New Delhi. I want to be a star and be famous. Can you please help me?
Ravindra, New Delhi
What kind of a star? Famous people get where they are only because of their strengths and ability to overcome any obstacle. It is important to self estimate and understand in which area you want to shine as a star. Always choose the field keeping in view your strengths and interests. Idolising is the best way to identify action points. So choose a successful person in the area of your interest, study the person to chalk out the action points adopted and try to follow them meticulously. Dreams act as a catalyst but your passion towards it will help you achieve it. Nothing is impossible yet be realistic in your approach towards life. Smile and shine. Good luck.

I am divorced. My parents are insisting on remarriage but I really don't want to mess my life again. I'm 32+. How do I tell my parents to stop worrying?
Divya, Maharashtra
Getting remarried doesn't indicate 'mess'. There are too many people around who are happily settled after a bad fallout in their life. It is most important to find the partner who matches your expectation. Someone who will understand your mind and help you overcome the agony of the past. As parents they are not incorrect by expecting your happiness but get married only when you think you are ready. I wish you the very best and I'm sure, your Mr Right will surely come around and fill your life with love.
I have a team of 40 employees. There seems to be an ego issue somewhere which is affecting the output. How to address this and have a solution?
R Dey, Kolkata
Ego clashes are nasty, destructive diseases that can harm businesses large and small. There isn't one answer to solving the problem; solutions are dictated by the personalities involved and circumstances, but good communication is vital. Explain to the employee or employees, sit down with them and talk about what has happened. You need to listen to events from their perspective. Talk as little as possible – it's about allowing the employee to express their views. Effective, constructive confrontation will surely be beneficial.
In an intimate moment last night my girlfriend uttered the name of a man. Upon asking, she denied this and is trying her best to prove me wrong. I have lost faith. Am I reacting too much?
Name unknown
Why don't you have faith on your love and trust her once? Why can't you erase the memory of one incident and believe her? It is difficult to comment on your query. This should however be noted and do keep your sixth sense on. If she's upto something wrong, it will surely come in light. Have a good life and don't stress yourself so much. Trust me dear, it's not worth it. Enjoy your life and love as much as possible. Good things happen to those who believe. Best happens to those who hold on.
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