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Stay light, be bright

Let the lights of Diwali enter your home and heart – allow yourself to shed past darkness and embrace the halo around

Stay light, be bright

The festival of lights is back to brighten our lives. Along with shiny celebrations, it is now also the time to let go of inner darkness and usher in a truly brighter self – it is Diwali after all!

Here is a plan for a lighter and brighter you:

Let go of the clouds: The clouds that hover in the mind and heart are rather disturbing and depressing. With words unspoken, the emotions that are bottled up and remain unexpressed often cause severe psychological pressure. Let go of the dark clouds, speak out, express and feel lighter.

Kill the ego: This tiny three letter evil, 'ego', has to be throttled. The power of 'sorry' is far stronger than we imagine. In situations that look difficult, this word can truly provide a fix. Don't worry much and never let ego get in the way of relationships that matter. Forgiveness is a gift and being generous is the key to feeling better, lighter.

Learn to heal: Before that, we have to learn to feel more deeply. Swapping shoes and trying to understand another's view and perspective is not so difficult. It's a practice; and the sooner we can master it, the better it is for our own peace of mind. Just a bit of kindness and empathy can heal the world around us. The positivity you bring will be the sunshine that warms you in cold, dry nights.

Learn to smile and laugh out loud: The least we can do to spread positivity is learning to smile and laugh. Happy faces are definitely the most beautiful. Sometimes, we are too bogged down and do not realise its reflection on our body language. Keep calm and smile on. A smile is contagious and don't be afraid to be the one who happily spreads the smile virus around.

Switch off: Yes! We need to understand where and when we need to do it. Negativity, unnecessary gossips, internal work politics can never yield great results. Learn to switch off when you are being dragged into the dark dungeon. Avoid those who find pleasure in causing difficulty to others. Nothing in the world can be achieved by breaking the other. Learn to build, learn to help a bit more.

Love to love: Learning to love without expectations and conditions is truly a great affair. Love makes the world go round. It's not just loving the family, friends or partner. It is a divine potion and those who can love more shall live better.

Wishing you a joyous and prosperous Diwali!

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