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Spend quality time with your child

Spend quality  time with your child
I'm in class 10 and want long nails. Unfortunately I keep biting them off! Please suggest a way to help me grow my nails.
Neha, Kolkata

Nail biting is a bad habit that can not only make your hands look unsightly, but if you bite your nails badly enough, you may permanently damage your nails, your teeth, or even your gums. Many people deal with this problem, so you're not alone.

Try these simple remedies to promote normal and beautiful nail growth. Try a bold color like red or black that will look silly if it's chipped because you're biting your nails. If you don't like color, polish them and apply some shine and growth promoter or petroleum jelly. It's harder to bite nails that are looking great. This is another great way to keep your nails covered. Get your nails professionally manicured with artificial long nails. They last for ages and when you get them taken off, you will have your real natural nails underneath.

My wife and I have no understanding. We are always fighting. I feel I should file divorce but I'm not sure! When does once know that its 'time to move on'?
Name withheld, New Delhi

It is a tough decision yet it is perhaps the time when your mind and heart both believe it. When you both have crossed the threshold of tolerance, when the happy moments are far lesser compared to the tears and pain accumulated, you can think to move on. But, do go for counseling with your wife and give an honest effort to hold the marriage together before you file divorce. Breaking something is far easier than holding on.

My child is getting too stubborn off late. He is 11 and is losing interest in studies. What should I do?
Mrs K Kumar, Noida

To begin with, have a friendly conversation with him. Not as a parent but as a friend. Try and understand what is the 'issue' he's facing. At this age, he needs a friend at home. Observe his interest areas and if he has any hobbies, help him pursue that wholeheartedly. Accompany him to movies, plays, concerts or may be just a casual stroll ending in a coffee cup conversation. Spend quality time with him to just to analyze his worries, fear and lifestyle. Keep a subtle vigilance on his circle of friends and keep a track of his phone usage. Be patient and handle this age with special care. If need be, seek professional help too. Good luck.

I am 22, my parents are adamant to get me engaged to a family friend's son. I don't want it. How to get out of this situation. Please help!
Renu Poddar, New Delhi

Just put your foot down if you don't want it. If need be, speak to the man and tell him. May be, he is also unsure but is unable to deny the parental pressure! If you are unable to convince, get engaged on a condition – you will not marry before 3 years. During which, understand him, analyze whether you like him enough to marry him. If there's anything wrong, then take it up with your family. Good luck dear!

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