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Safeguarding animals

Whether cute or useful to humans, and regardless of whether human cares about them, animals deserve certain kinds of consideration

Safeguarding animals

Should I report cruelty on a pet by the owner ?

Yes, it must be reported. As per the law, neglecting an animal by denying sufficient food, water, shelter and exercise or keeping them chained/confined for long hours is punishable by a fine, or imprisonment, or both under section 11(1)(h), PCA Act,1960. Most criminal law officers and psychologists have found that someone who is cruel to animals is a danger to society and is likely to commit crimes on humans. Therefore it is important to expose them immediately.

What is the legal right of an animal abandoned by its owners ?

Abandoning any animal for animal for any reason can land you in prison for up to 3 months, under section 11(1)(i) and section 11(1)(j), PCA Act, 1960.

If diseased or injured, the animal must be taken to a vet or animal shelter and it must come back to the owner. An owner who wants to get rid of his pet should look for adopters rather than being cruel and vicious.

Are there laws regarding feeding street animals ?

The Delhi High Court states that there are no laws that prohibit people from feeding stray animals. It is lawful and helps the animals. The Animal Welfare Board of India issues IDs for people who feed stray animals. These IDs help people who want to protect the strays from abusive animal-haters.

The dog feeders have certain rights and they can't be stopped from feeding street animals with safe food; Article 51A of the constitutional law of India speaks about the duties of every citizen of India. One of these duties includes having compassion for living creatures. Anyone who threatens or intimidates any person taking care of dogs is liable for criminal intimidation under section 503 IPC and can be arrested without a warrant.

My dog is having seizures and convulsions continuously, what should I do to prevent this?

First, you must see what type of seizure it is. The most common kind is the generalized seizure, also called a grand mal seizure. A dog can lose consciousness and convulse. The abnormal electrical activity happens throughout the brain. Generalized seizures usually last from a few seconds to a few minutes. With a focal seizure, abnormal electrical activity happens in only part of the brain. Focal seizures can cause unusual movements in one limb or one side of the body. Also, the cause of the seizure must be known. It is commonly due to eating poison, liverdisease, low or high blood sugar, kidney disease, electrolyte problems, anaemia, head injury, encephalitis, strokes, brain cancer.

In any case seizures are serious and the animal must be taken to the vet. During treatment; you may have to change their diet, keep them out of the water, keep them cool and avoid salty treats.

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