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Ruffled Feathers

Not generally suitable as pets, birds nevertheless make great companions when left unrestricted and have specific needs that must be cared for

Ruffled Feathers

What kind of birds can I keep as pets?

None. All birds are wild , whether Indian or exotic and they belong in the sky. To keep a bird caged is the wickedest thing you can do. Moreover, caging a bird is depriving it of its natural habitat and chaining it. Indian birds are protected under the Wildlife Protection Act 1972 and all birds are protected under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. A pet is a companion who brings you happiness and whom you make happy.

What happiness can you get from birds when you jail them ? They are sad and they hate you and long to die. It just brings bad luck.

What do I feed birds and what to avoid?

Among the most common foods that are toxic to birds are: Solid items like full peanuts, desiccated coconut can be fatal if not soaked before, dried bread, milk, hard fats, salted items, leftover food with onions and garlic. Safe foods for birds: small seeds, such as millet, flaked maize, soaked rice, black sunflower seeds, peanuts (crushed or grated nuts).

I rescued a bird. How do I keep my rescued bird warm at night?

Move the cage away from doors and windows. Birds that are positioned near doors and windows are at risk of being exposed to icy drafts. Move your pet to an interior location to prevent the chills. Consider covering the cage at night. Using a cage cover after the sun goes down can work wonders for helping to maintain a comfortable temperature within your bird's environment. Try temporary insulation. Seal off windows and unused doorways with a shrink wrap insulation kit. It will help keep cold air out and the warm air in. Use caution when heating wood burning fireplaces, as well as both kerosene and electric space heaters can pose a threat to your pet's health. The smoke and fumes from the wood and gas can wreak havoc on a bird's respiratory system, and many electric heaters contain non-stick coating, which is notorious for causing birds acute illness and death. Smoking has the same effect.

Also, monitor closely for signs of exposure as a chilled bird is a bird with a lowered immune system.

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