Millennium Post

Reminiscing the passing year...

Festivals and special calendar days are always warm and nostalgic. These days open the floodgates of the time gone by. Diwali essentially lights up the dark and to me is a reminder: the year is almost over. The next big celebration would be Christmas. Isn't 2017 running faster than ever?! Before it slips away, take little time out to sit back, relax, breathe and analyse... Did you? Should you? Would you?
Did you?
Spend time with family
The increasing desire of more and many have taken most to a different shore. We keep ourselves too busy to reach the next level of better life. Stop. Breathe. Time is precious, irreversible, never to return. Pause and learn to prioritize moments. Do what is most important. Digital distractions and mobile connectivity has brought the world to our palms but are pushing us away from real time, real surroundings and real relationships those wait to get us. Spend time with family. They need you.
Love enough?
Others and you? Sometimes we are too busy loving all and neglect the need to love ownself. Love yourself to respect who you are and let go of the broken tooth that needs to leave. Don't hold on to relationships, jobs, situations that bleed you. Love yourself enough to understand the need of self respect.
Should you...
Change something?
The way you look. The way you dress. The way you react. The way you act. The way you hide your feelings. The way you think. Change is the only constant. Rigidness towards self improvement is destructive. Spend time with yourself to dig deep and think about the changes you need to bring for a brighter tomorrow.
Let go...
Should you let go of the cloud that engulfs and creates the darkness? More often than not we create our own hard times by being angry and vindictive. Learning to let go is a constant affair. Holding on leads to bitterness which in turn decreases our happiness. Let go to be at peace.
Would you?
Remember the wish list you had created when the new year had begun? I have realised that in the next few weeks of this remaining year, I shall try to fulfill the ones that are yet to be done. I would. Would you?
May the year end with the best. Faith, hard work, honesty and prayers move mountains. Keep moving....stay happy!
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