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Regulations concerning private possession of wild animals

Can special licenses be obtained for keeping wild/exotic animals as pets?

The private possession in India of endangered animals, listed under Schedules 1 and 2 of the Wildlife Protection Act, is prohibited unless the person has a certificate of ownership for a wild animal he or she possessed at the commencement of the Act in 1972. Trade involving these animals is also prohibited under the Act. Considering that it is 2016 now, the chances of these animals still being alive is almost impossible which makes most elephant owners criminals under this law. An animal shelter or a zoo can get special permissions but that is all.
There is a rat infestation in my house. How can I get them out without causing them any harm?
Use peppermint oil to get rid of mice. This is an environmentally friendly way to deter mice from entering your home. Put cotton wools soaked with it at entrances and in different areas and see if it works.
My cousin is planning to adopt a pet but she has no experience with dogs or cats. Should she adopt a young dog / cat or an older one?
If she wants to go through the babying stage then she could get a kitten or puppy. But I would suggest she gets a middle aged dog. A middle aged cat would be perhaps more difficult to manage, so she could get a kitten.
My 14 year old cat has started spending most of her time alone in some corner. She sleeps all day and has stopped grooming herself often. What could be the reason?
It looks like she is getting ready to die. You need to provide very digestible soft food that she likes and pet her gently and often. Make sure that her bedding is comfortable.
My house is infested with lizards. I don't dislike them but my children scream. What should I do?
Lizards are completely harmless and instead of encouraging your children to be frightened of animals that do not interfere with their lives in any way, I would suggest that you talk to them about lizards and try and humanise them. Some people put feathers near the windows and on the wall as this is supposed to frighten them away. But you will be the loser because they eat mosquitoes, flies and other troublesome insects.
The male goats in my shelter often get into fights which can get nasty. Should I intervene or is it normal goat behaviour?
As a buck matures, he will get more aggressive. This is natural. Even the sweetest, most well behaved buck may challenge you, as well as his companions, from time to time (usually during breeding season).
How do snakes swallow large animals?
In snakes, both upper and lower jaws are movable. The lower jaw is made up of two bones that are joined by an elastic ligament which allows them to spread apart. The upper jaw is not rigidly attached to the skull and thus exhibits vertical as well as horizontal rotation.
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