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Realise your Freedom

The herd of sheep might always think they are free, for they don’t have the intelligence to recognise the farmers’ fence.

How independent are we? Are we independent?

For the first couple of decades after Indian Independence, everyone was naturally preoccupied with the basic needs of life. 200 years of foreign oppression tend to do that to you. But now, as we celebrated the 72nd Independence Day, we are sure that India has found her place under the sun, she is revered, respected or envied but can't be ignored anymore. So now, finally it is time to re-examine our definition of Independence.

What does Independence mean to us in the post-millennium era? Is it still restricted to the narrow confines of flag hoisting, singing and wearing the national colours? Or should we dare to visit the grey area of personal freedom? Do we recognize that true freedom comes with responsibilities? Exactly how free are we today? A quick look around might be quite depressing.. A strange apathy of spirit seems to pervade society, a lack of affection, sincerity and an instinct to worship self-interest above all puts our future as a nation into the realms of doubt. Our definition of self has contracted so much that we can't even include our parents, family or children in it, let alone our nation. Today, everyone is too busy running after the next promotion, the bigger car, the biggest house and the so called 'perfect life'. Thanks to technology, our socialising has contracted to likes and dislikes and emojis. Yes, we still meet our friends, in virtual chat rooms and social sites. And, then, we wonder why we still feel so alone, not realising that no amount of technology can take the place of a minute of genuine affection. And, of course, this vacuum of sincere bonding and friendship is quickly seized by the corrupt and filled in with hate or toxicity. In such a situation, those of us who are still sane are forced to ask questions, for it is these questions that might make us stop and think, and these thoughts might ultimately lead to solutions. So, how free do you feel today? And no, let us not confuse freedom with conformity.

The herd of sheep might always think they are free, for they don't have the intelligence to recognise the farmers' fence. Those of us who are different by nature, or choice, or religion, or behavior or sexuality or simply different by the way we want to live our lives, my question is for those courageous souls. So, are you really free to express your inner self? Do you really dare to take the road less travelled? I can't leave you with answers my friend but maybe it is time we asked the questions.

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