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Raising your voice

Adopting a firm position about an issue and to stand up for what you feel is right is important for one’s mental well-being

Raising your voice

My husband is an alcoholic and physically hurts me often these days. We are married for last 5 years and we have a 2 year old child. I'm living in hell. What can I do?

Name withheld

To allow a man (or anyone) to put their hands on you is a form of mental destruction. Such domestic violence is the worst thing you can allow your child to witness. Unfortunately people have the habit of repeating these sick actions if they are not stopped the very first time. I suggest, stand up and fight it out. Take strong steps and if need be, involve your family or close friends to seek legal advice. Keeping quiet and tolerating is no sign of showing strength or love. You will lose your mental peace, confidence and gradually be depressed. Please take a decision soon, be strong and fight it out with help. Wish you good luck.

I am divorced. After almost 8 years I'm remarrying. Please suggest ways on how to keep the relationship healthy and evergreen with my future wife.

Atul Kishore, New Delhi

In order to have a healthy relationship, both parties have to be willing to work on it. Below you'll find ways to keep your relationship strong.

Be grateful

We all want to be appreciated. The more you praise what you like, the more you'll get of it. Celebration and appreciation helps your partner to do more for you and the relationship. Give the love you want to receive

Be kind and generous

Continuing to make the effort to treat your partner well keeps the positive feelings flowing. Treat your partner with kindness and respect at all times at home and outside.

Spend time together

High quality, high quantity time is what can keep the two of you connected. Do the small and big things together. Never stop knowing your partner and learning about the small details of her life.

Create memories together

When you create new experiences for your partner on a consistent basis, you attach feelings of pleasure and happiness to the experience. Trying fun, new things that you both enjoy can help to keep your relationship alive.

Use texting advantage

Sending your partner a loving or sexy message will give them an instant dose of dopamine she says. Respond to the banter with something that'll put a smile on the face. While the brain does get a burst of happiness from a random surprise, it's even more rewarded when it receives an unanticipated compliment. Find ways to keep texting light, fun, flirty, and sexy.

I fail to understand why my husband insists on early morning sex. What is the big thing about it?

Mrs ST Bina

Making love in the morning is the perfect opportunity to appreciate every detail of your partner's body. It also is a chance for you to be more vulnerable than you might have been if you were having sex at night. In the morning your partner is getting you all natural, no make up, no layers. This is the kind of openness that creates the perfect opportunity to deepen your connection with your partner. It'll help turn the mornings from rush hours to your favorite time of the day. This intimacy isn't limited to appearances, either. Having sex before you've spoken a word to another person all day can make the bond stronger and love lovelier. Enjoy the special bond and appreciate the romance. You are a lucky woman.

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