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Love yourself a bit more

Love yourself  a bit more
Loving yourself and narcissism or selfishness are absolutely different things. Love is all about giving and receiving and if you can give enough care, attention and sympathy to yourself, you can give it to others as well. We cannot love others if we cannot love ourselves. Love flourishes when we give it away, but love always starts with 'me' or 'I'. We are the only ones responsible for our life, choices and deeds so we just have no right to neglect ourself!
Let's learn to love ourself....a bit more. A lot more...

When you love who you are, you accept who you are.
I know perfectly well all my positive and negative sides and I accept them. It doesn't mean I'm satisfied with all my traits. Loving yourself doesn't mean that you should stop improving yourself. It just helps you realize that you are the only one, with your unique traits, qualities and potentialities. It gives a great sense of confidence. When you accept who you are, you feel no need to counterfeit someone or compare yourself to others. You love yourself enough to let go of anything or anyone that threatens your dignity. When you feel strong, it is the most powerful and inspiring feeling ever.

It gives you confidence and approval
We all love confident and charismatic people. This is our inner subconscious desire and you cannot do anything with it. Compassion is also important but when people need to talk to someone, they usually address a strong confident person. People who love themselves are popular and more likely to be better placed in their professional lives. I think it's a crucial reason to love yourself.

You will avoid self-reproach
Self-reproach, sorrow and sense of shame are the worst things a person can experience. Loving yourself means being less anxious and depressed and also less inclined to stresses and self-torture. Love yourself to preserve your happiness. It is an effort worth making.

When you love yourself, you look better
It is really simple. You can concentrate on your strong points instead of bothering about your weaknesses and imperfections. Everybody has imperfections and trust me, imperfections are really beautiful. Concentrate on building your inner self and that will enhance the glamour of the soul.

If you love yourself, you are more likely to have a better family life
When you love yourself, you know what you deserve. You will never let someone ill-treat you or take you for granted for a long time. Putting yourself on priority over others are often essential to attain inner peace.

...and happier children
Children always try to copy their parents' behavior, manners, views and literally everything. The ability to love is one of the crucial things your kids should adopt. But it will be impossible if the parent can't display this ability. When you love yourself, you set a healthy and vital example for your kids.The researches have proved that a child's success and happiness are largely determined by the experience received in his childhood. That's why if you want to teach your kids to love themselves, you should learn to love yourself first.

When you love yourself, the world around you changes
When we fall in love, everything around us becomes more beautiful and appealing. Falling in love with yourself is no exception. It enables you to look at things, people and life from another perspective, better perspective.

Self-love can make you a better person. It improves your physical, psychological and emotional state. If you are happy, you will have more love to spread. Give it a try and you'll see that you attract more good people and circumstances into your life.
Even in 'I love U', I stands much ahead of you. Hope you love and stay loved forever!

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