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Respect individuals and individuality

Respect individuals  and individuality
My husband is never in town. I feel lonely and upset. Our son is in school and I can't keep travelling with him. What can I do?
Mrs. Indu Sharma, New Delhi

You should try to get involved in things that you enjoy doing. Meet and make new friends who will be a window in your life. Start making a list of things that excites you. Small things can also be really exciting. Loneliness is often because of the choices we make. Don't get depressed. You have to help yourself by finding ways to stay involved, happy and peaceful.

My brother had failed in class 9. I'm in class 7 and my parents are putting too much pressure on me. I'm very nervous. How can I convince them?
Dikki, Haryana

Stay focussed on your studies and try to score grades that are satisfactory. Communicate transparently with either of the parents and express your unhappiness to them. Don't lose your cool. Your confidence is very important. You can also try to convince them for educational option with hostel facility. That would perhaps be a better option for you.This is a phase and trust me, it will get over soon.

I have fallen in love with a married man. We are physically close. He promises to marry me after he divorces his wife. Something is making me feel guilty. I'm 23.
Name unknown

If you are guilty, then please don't continue this relationship. Guilt is a burden that is heavier than we imagine it to be. Love is wonderful but lust can be fatal. I don't want you to suffer. The man cannot have the best of both worlds. Sort life before it gets complicated. All the best.

Our daughter is perhaps homosexual. We belong to a very conservative joint family. I am shattered.
Name unknown

Homosexuality isn't a crime. There are too many happy, healthy and successful individuals out there who are proud of their preference. Please don't get upset about this. She has the right to choose who she is. As a parent, your support is essential. Don't make her feel guilty or wrong. We as a society have to change the mindset and be supportive. Let us respect individuals and individuality. She needs you to understand her. Don't lose heart and accept the truth.

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