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Never repent on unfinished desires

One should never compromise on mental peace, it should be the first priority. You have one life, do what you desire.

Never repent on unfinished desires
1. My maternal uncle would often take me to the roof and feel me up when I was a kid. He has died but I keep waking up with the nightmare. This is a secret I haven't told anyone. Please help.
Name unknown
It is a trauma and a burden you are carrying for too long. I do know that wrong things done to us will leave the stench behind. But, my dear, you have to let go of the horrible feeling. You need to open up and speak your heart out to someone you can confide to. Don't suffer by locking this up any further. Conversations with a close friend or a professional will help you overcome this and will be of great help. Don't feel weak and victimised. Millions suffer because of such ugly incidents and you are not the only one. Be strong and tell yourself - the bad is over. The best is yet to be. All the best.
2. My husband is having an open affair with his boss who is a single mother. Whenever I have objected he refuses to understand and tells me that it is all for our benefit. I'm a house wife with a 3 year old. I'm broken.
Mrs M Arora, New Delhi
What your husband is doing is illegal and unethical. As a wife you have all the rights to protest and punish his selfish act. His affair of convenience isn't something any wife can tolerate. If he doesn't care about your feelings and continue his fling, I suggest you take some action. Threaten him with dire consequences if he doesn't ammend his way. In no situation should your child and you suffer. This is beyond compromise and I hope you gather the courage to do what is best for your present and future.
3. Our son was brilliant till his 12th but his grades are deteriorating since last year. He is more focused on campus politics. We are from a middle class background and deeply worried about our only child.
Mrs and Mr Keshav Das, West Bengal
I suggest you give him some space and don't jump to immediate conclusions. As parents do advice him but don't push him too much. Grades matter but more importantly, doing what you really want to do matters the most. Politics is definitely a passion he is pursuing. Keep reminding him of what your expectations are but don't be nagging. Support him and make him belief that you have confidence on him and his decisions. I'm sure everything is not as bad as you are imagining. Give time and have faith on your son.
4. I often want to leave everything and move up to the hills and live a life away from this materialistic world. My parents insist that I should get married. I'm 27, working in a very reputed pharma company. What should I do?
Name unknown
Never marry because your parents want you to settle down. The result could be fatal for both the partners and their families. You should always do what you think will make you happy. Mental peace is priority. You should never compromise on that. You are old enough to decide your future. Decide and plan your moves. Never look back and repent on unfinished desires. One life. Just do what you desire.
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