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Look for signs

While overthinking is never ideal, being oblivious is much more dangerous – watch out for signs that indicate a rocky road ahead

Look for signs

I come from a middle-class family. I'm 25-years-old and my father died when I was 12. My uncle is arranging my marriage with an affluent man who is 43, a widower with a child. Please help.

Name withheld

You are an adult. If your family's choice isn't your preference, please protest in whatever way possible. Nobody can force you to marry someone against your will. Have a conversation with your uncle and involve other members of the family who might help convey the message. Do whatever it takes but don't get married unless you are ready.

My partner is losing interest in sex. We are married for 11 years. Will it affect our relationship?

Name withheld

Marriages with sexual dissatisfaction tend to have a harder time in the long run. Sex in a relationship is about more than just achieving an orgasm, it helps bring us closer and builds an intimate connection that keeps the love strong and going. When that goes away, staying connected and keeping things healthy becomes much more difficult. Try and convince your partner to go to a professional counsellor. Don't waste much time as a day gone is always a day wasted.

I feel my girlfriend is cheating on me. What are the signs? Please advice.

R K, New Delhi

Here are a few signs she might be cheating on you:

She's talking way too much to someone else;

She's become obsessed with her privacy;

She's suddenly very jealous and suspicious;

She's looking for reasons to complain/fight;

She's developing a new personality.

My nephew is 12 and is a kleptomaniac. What should we do? We are very disturbed.

V Kumar, West Bengal

When theft is repetitive or is done without any remorse, guilt or understanding of the impact, it can be a sign of other problems. These can include family trouble, mental health issues or delinquency. Children who steal often have trouble making and keeping friends, have poor relationships with adults, or have issues with trust. If emotional or mental health issues could be the reason for stealing, a child might benefit from seeing a therapist or mental health professional. Convince his parents and start the process without further delay.

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