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Log off your urge to shop

Our colleague stinks of sweat and seems to be absolutely unaware of it. How to convey this to her?
Name unknown
I would tell you to be downright blunt with the person whose body odour is somehow offensive. Real people let each other know the truth always. Don't point it out with others around and don't do it very loudly. Be direct but discreet. Gift her some cologne or perfume. It's not your job to make her smell better, but it is your job to let her know something is 'wrong'. You can also drop a small note on the desk with a polite message too.

I'm in love with someone who has no feelings for me. How can I make him love me?
Rai Sen, Kolkata
You actually can't 'make' anyone love the other! Yes, a genuine effort to express effectively should be there. You should not regret later. As they say - love defeated is always greater than what defeats it! If the 'other' has to love or reciprocate, it will happen naturally. If not, always remember - better and best awaits and true love will always find a way!

I am getting addicted to internet shopping. How to put a stop to this! Please help!
D Venu, Noida
When you have realized your weakness, I'm sure you are gradually curbing the desire to e-shop. This has to be self driven, just like most things under the planet. Each time you are getting allured, try and browse other things of your interest. As an alternative, just log off and take a walk. Refrain from visiting shopping portals. Let your consciousness rule and help you stay away from these addiction. Best wishes!

I have studied in a Hindi medium school. Now I face major issues with spoken English. How can I improve myself?
Shekhar Mehta, New Delhi
You can always enroll in a spoken English class. Alongside, watch English channels, read the English newspapers and read it aloud. Whenever possible, talk to your friends and family in English. It's your confidence that will yield the maximum result. So even if you make mistakes initially, DON'T STOP. Focus on your goal to learn it and I'm sure it will be achieved soon.
What do you think are the ways I can impress girls?
P Naresh, New Delhi
These are some very important ingredients that might help you cook a good 'impressive' recipe -
Be your natural, confident Self Be suggestive and not loud in your approachUse your eyes to speak the language of your heart
Your smile can work wondersCare for and complement her Be honest and transparent Don't flirt with others in front of her
Dress smartly and aptlyListen more. Talk less.Try to be a good friend. A genuine one.

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