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Living life your way

Stop resenting others for their happiness and stop blaming others for being the cause of your unhappiness – just get on with the task of doing what makes you happy

Living life your way

I'm a lesbian and in a relationship with a colleague for the last 2 years. My parents are trying to fix my marriage. I don't want to do it as I can never love a man. How to handle this situation?

Name withheld

You have to convey your message to your family in the best possible way. There is no question of you being forced to marry someone you don't want. Your sexual preference is your choice. Don't try to please anyone as you are your first priority. You can't marry because of any pressure from anybody. Be firm and if need be, relocate to a different city till the situation settles down. Stay happy, be positive and everything will be perfect. Good luck!

When I was in class 6, my mother died. Since then my father dates multiple women. I'm angry and feel helpless at home. I'm in 2nd year of college now. What should I do?

Name withheld

Your father has the right to lead his life according to his choice. You too have the right to feel disturbed in the situation.

Considering you are mature enough to make a decision, I strongly recommend you to start living away from home. If your college does not have any hostel, start living as a paying guest or with someone you can trust. At the end of the day, you cannot change his way of life. Best is to focus on yours and make it better. Good luck.

My only daughter was brilliant till 12th but her grades are deteriorating since last year. She is more focused on campus politics in her college. I'm a single mother from a middle-class background and deeply worried.

Asha Ghosh, West Bengal

I suggest you give her some space and don't jump to immediate conclusions. As a parent do advice but don't push too much. Grades matter but more importantly, doing what you really want to do matters the most. Politics is definitely a passion she is pursuing. Keep reminding her of what your expectations are but don't be nagging. Support and make her believe that you have confidence in her and support her decisions. I'm sure everything is not as bad as you are imagining. Give time and have faith in your child.

I have anxiety issues. I often feel the need to calm down but fail to do so. Please help.

Govind Ram, Noida

Some tips that might help you.

Reset your mind by focusing on another sensation, like the feel of the ground under your feet.

Ask yourself if your negative thoughts are rational.

Breathe deeply, starting at the bottom of your stomach.

Find a quiet space and talk to yourself, using calming and encouraging words.

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