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My father-in-law is retired and watches pornography in his room. I have young kids and I'm tensed. What should I do?

Name withheld

As you have written that your father-in-law is watching it in his 'room', there's not much you can do. In fact, I suggest, let it be. He has his right to do what he wants in his own space. May be, all his life, he didn't do it and now he's making up for it.

As there are kids around, just ensure, the door is locked. Be alert but don't worry unnecessarily. Live and let live my dear.

My girlfriend and I have been dating since the last four years. However much I please but she insists on playing it safe. I hate the plastic feel. How can I convince her to have it without condoms?

Name withheld

It is praiseworthy that your girlfriend believes in precaution. Pills or contraceptive will not protect you. I'm sure apart from pregnancy threat, the dreadful diseases are unwanted too. An advice to remember: prevention is always better than cure. Good luck.

My husband sleeps immediately after we make love. This has been happening for the last few weeks. I need to talk to him too. Please guide.

Mrs. M. Ghosh, Kolkata

It is apparent that good love puts him to sleep. Why don't you find other times to talk to him? Maybe you should chalk out a time when you can have just the cuddle and talk time. Don't try to keep him awake forcibly. Just find a better time and let him get his sleep after good loving. Happy life ahead.

My father is a rich businessman, an abusive alcoholic and beats us up everyday. My mother is educated but has been always a housewife. I'm 14 and want to stop this forever. Can you suggest.

Name unknown

I strongly believe domestic violence shouldn't be tolerated. Don't worry about your mom, she will be able to support you, and I am sure you have other family and friends that can help you overcome. She can do far better than having an abusive partner around. And if she does struggle, it's better to accept help from friends and family than to live through hell everyday. With the help of a senior member, you can also inform the local police, seek legal help or approach local social activists. Please don't lose hope. Gather fear, face and emerge once and for all. Good luck.

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