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Let's Love!

The more love you give away, the more you will receive in your life and your relationships.

Lets Love!
Love is such a divine feeling. But more often than not, we land up doing certain things which are probably not the best thing to do. More precisely, there are three big mistakes that many of us make in love. Today, I'm going to tell you what these mistakes are and give you some insight on how you can transform them and receive more love in your life.
Mistake No. 1: People don't understand how love works.
People spend way too much time and energy confused about love. They cycle through the same patterns over and over again, not having a clue about what's going on. And, we all know there are a few things worse than spinning in perpetual confusion and doubt about love. Learning from people who can relate to what you're going through is one of the secrets to knowing yourself on a deeper level. Find these people and let them show you the way. Speaking from my personal experience, I've had many guides and teachers in love. Without them, there's no way I would have found the clarity and joy in relationships that I experience today. Knowledge is power. Do your heart a favour and get to know how it works. Your love life will thank you for it.
Mistake No. 2: People don't know that love lives in them.
Once you start to gain clarity about how love works, you'll realise that love exists within you. Many of us don't realise this. We insist on believing that love lives outside of us—either in people, places, or things. We think to ourselves, "Once I have that, then I'll feel love." We've got it all backwards. Here's the deal: love is not out there. It's not somewhere else. It's in you. When you discover this, you'll have found the greatest truth and perhaps the greatest secret about love. Contacting the source of love within you will completely change your experience in relationships. Because you'll understand that love is an inside-out process, not the other way around. It all starts with you. If you sit back and wait for love to show up on your doorstep, then you're going to be waiting around for love for a long, long time. But if you're committed to finding love within yourself first, then you'll see that love can be anywhere you are. Knowing this is a complete game changer. Commit yourself to loving from the inside out, and watch the love you feel in relationships completely transform.
Mistake No. 3: People don't know that giving love away makes it grow.
We collectively believe that whatever we give away, we lose. We tend to project this mentality on everything, including love. But love isn't ruled by the laws of finite resources. Whatever love you genuinely give away (without the motive of getting it back), you'll automatically receive in return. This is a hard concept for us to grasp. Unfortunately, many of us live with the fear that if we love freely, we are set up to lose either ourselves or the other person. The truth is that anytime you close your heart off to love, you lose love. Anytime you protect yourself from love, you lose love. Anytime you withhold love, you lose love. Many of us self-sabotage our experience in love because of this false belief. Let's learn the real truth. The more love you give away, the more you will receive in your life and your relationships.
I hope that you will do what it takes to change your experience in love. Because when you change, your love life has no other choice but to change too. If we can all make an effort to understand love, find love within ourselves, and give love away, not only can we change the course of our own lives, but we can change the world too.
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