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It's a bunny thing

Rabbits are not the easiest pets to keep with a whole host of requirements that must be attentively looked into so that both you and your bunny can stay healthy

Its a bunny thing

How long can rabbits go without eating?

Four hours. If your bunny is running around actively and has access to his food dish, don't assume he hasn't eaten. A good way to be sure is to let them run on the floor (if it's safe and they are used to it) and put out a little pile of food that you can keep an eye on over an hour or so. If the pile disappears (even slowly) as they run around happily, then they are eating. If however, the food doesn't disappear, and your bunny is just sitting and 'looking sick' then it's better to be safe and take them to the vet. Make sure your bunny is getting plenty of fresh greens and clean water. But if you are ever unsure whether your rabbit is sick or not, always take them to the vet. Rabbits can go downhill very fast and with a sick rabbit every moment counts.

What are good treat alternatives for rabbits, other than veggies?

Other than the staple balanced diet that must be given to the rabbit, treats can be added to the diet. It is advised to give a large quantity of hay to the rabbit as a part of their daily diet. These treats can be safely added; Rabbits love berries, like strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. Little piece of carrot, or some celery Some herbs, like fresh basil, mint, thyme and rosemary. Other than that, small quantities of bananas, dandelions and milk thistles are also suitable.

How do I pet my rabbit?

Rabbits like to be stroked on their forehead and cheeks. They like a good back scratch on the shoulders. They don't like being touched on the ears, neck, feet, stomach and tail. Wait till the rabbit has eaten. They are far more amenable to stroking after they have eaten. If they are happy with what you are doing they put their head on the ground and close their eyes.

Why is my rabbit not eating?

Rabbits don't eat when they're feeling sick. This can be very dangerous for him, even worse if they stop eating AND drinking! One of the most common reasons a bunny will stop eating is an intestinal blockage; he may have some hair obstructing his digestive path (GI stasis) which can result in trouble passing whatever food he has already eaten. Please do give your vet a call in this case. A rabbit who won't eat or drink can die quickly, The vet can palpate his stomach to feel for a blockage, administer hydration and Reglan (a faeces mover) if necessary. In the meantime, try to feed your rabbit things that he loves.

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