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If your furry friend is traveling with you, it is important to provide them protection until they can become accustomed to the new environment

Is it stressful for a pet to travel? How can I make the journey more comfortable for my pet?

Yes, it can be stressful for a pet to travel as it is an unnatural experience . Air pressure alone is enough to induce anxiety even in human beings. Furthermore, travelling exposes your pet to new sounds, smells and strange people. Additionally, your pet has to stay cooped up in a cage for a long time. Don't feed your pet immediately before a flight. Take your pet for a walk or some exercise before the flight to help them release their energy and calm down slightly. Most importantly, keep yourself calm as your pet can most likely sense your worry or anxiety.

Do I need to consult my vet before travelling with my pet?

It is always wise to get your pet in for a check-up and get all the necessary booster shots before travelling with your pet. You can even ask questions and clear any doubts by asking your Vet so that you are prepared so both you and your pet have an enjoyable journey.

Is it safe to go on long road trips with my pet?

Yes. Going on road trips with your pet can be a nice way to bond with them provided you prepare the necessary items to ascertain a comfortable journey for your pet. Carry with you documentation like health and vaccination certificates and proof of ownership as well. Take with your adequate amount of pet food, treats, flea control products, favourite toys and medications. Also get your pet checked out by the Vet before going on any long journey. If your pet does not have experience of travelling in moving vehicles then it would also be helpful to take short journeys with your pet to get him/her accustomed to travelling in a vehicle.

Is it fine to feed my rabbit roti, rice and other Indian food items?

No! Rabbits have their own dietary needs and certain food items which they can consume. All cooked food must be avoided. Food with condiments, masala, oil etc. is also bad for your rabbit's health. You should NOT give your rabbit rice or roti or any wheat based item like bread or pasta.

Even raw fruits should only be given in small quantities. If in doubt, it is better to consult your vet. Rabbits can enjoy a variety of fresh leafy vegetables such as coriander, spinach, carrot tops or lettuce and also hay like Bermuda hay. But keep in mind that over-feeding your pet rabbit can have adverse effects.

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