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I'm fat but fit, are you?

For some reason, these days, society treats ‘fat’ like a taboo. Being fat isn’t being unhappy and you shouldn’t bother when people try to hit you with words.

Im fat but fit, are you?
I am overweight by 18 kgs. I try but somehow I remain fat. I have no problems but some people really make fun of me. What can I do?
Dilip Sharma, New Delhi
For some reason, these days, society treats 'fat' as a kind of taboo. My suggestion, as long your health is not getting affected, take it slow. Yes, being in shape is medically, physically, emotionally very satisfying but don't do anything drastic to reduce. Consult a good dietician and get your daily intake corrected. Go for walks, join a gym with a friend and do what you think makes YOU happy. Being fat isn't being unhappy and you shouldn't bother when words hit you. Just reply - I'm fat but fit, are you?
There is someone in my life. But I'm not sure whether he is the one I should have a future with. How does one actually decide on the right partner?
Vidya Tej, Bangalore
If the majority applies to you, keep him in your life.
1. You're happy when he's around. His absence leaves a void.
2. You know each other's families: If you're familiar with his siblings and parents, you're good to go. Secret relationships may be fun, but anything lasting means you're joining the family.
3. You are yourself You are not afraid to tell him secrets. You can be relaxed and comfortable with the person you are.
4. You communicate A healthy relationship is dependent upon communication. Being open, honest, and talkative with each other without fear.
5. There is little to no drama If your relationship feeds off the daily drama, someone is going to crack and it will not last long.
6. You have balance Find that balance between having both of your own lives and being a part of each other's.
7. You are learning If you are not learning or growing, then maybe he isn't the one.
8. You have the same goals If you both want the same things, share the same ideals, and want the same results, you will find success together.
9. He makes the effort to talk with and be around you Any one-sided relationship will never work. Both sides need to be interested in order for this relationship to flourish.
10. You feel safe If you are continually questioning him or doubting your partner, seek safety somewhere else. The healthiest relationships are ones where both people feel safe, loved, and at home.
I'm too shy to propose! What can I do?
Rehan, West Bengal
Try any of these: Write a letter to her – be honest. Don't try to be too poetic. Be yourself. Maybe you can even express your nervousness. Don't forget to embrace your shyness. Girls often find it cute. Or, Make a Video. Use a simple video editor. Make it interesting, funny and add surprises. Or, Write down what it's like to be with her like a diary. Describe how you feel about her – the joy, the thrill, the excitement. Point down every little detail you like about her. Describe how you feel, whenever you think about her. Make it into a blog. After you've written enough, ust give her the link, I'm sure she'll be surprised. More power to you, dear!
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