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Ignorance CAN BE BLISS

Some people probably remain unfaithful as changing personal traits is difficult. If you really want to lead a happy life, take a decision and move on.

I caught my son stealing my gold ring yesterday. We are very disturbed. He's in college. Please advise.

Name unknown

Do have an open chat with him to understand why he was doing that. Often, parents in the pursuit to make disciplined and obedient children fail to become a friend. There could be reasons that have to be understood. Do not be rough or rude. Do not humiliate him, discuss it with people or make him feel like a criminal. Seek help from someone your son trusts. The person might help throw light by conversing with him. If need be, seek professional help. May be he needs counseling and consultation. Do not waste time. Act wise and react wisely too.

My uncle is always fighting with my old grandmother over property matters. My father is a quiet soul and chooses to ignore. It is affecting me. I am 13 years old. Please help.

Dhruv Singh, Noida

Life gets complicated in such matters. If the senior members of the family cannot intervene and sort it out, I fear there's not much you can do now. To ensure your peace I suggest you try to ignore it. Ignorance is often bliss and will be beneficial to you. You cannot do much to change anything or anybody. Build your life, focus on studies for a better tomorrow. Don't get involved as I'm afraid that you cannot provide any solution. Be kind and protect your grandmom with your love and affection. That is the best you can do.

My lover is a cheater as I have caught her with three men in the past. I love her deeply but she seems to continue her episodes with others. I'm feeling very depressed.

Bijay, West Bengal

When you know that she is continuing to explore, why are you letting yourself get hurt? Some people probably remain unfaithful and changing personal traits are difficult for them. If you really want to feel less depressed, take a decision and move on. Your absence might help change her personality. Don't get into messy affairs. Life is beautiful and enjoy the sunshine.

Can you help me with some self-help strategies for depression? I live alone and feel upset most of the time.

S.Jha, West Bengal

Hope these suggestions help you tackle this soon:

Track your thoughts by writing them down. It's a good way to express your feelings and it can also help you figure out which thoughts make you feel worse.

Learn relaxation. Relaxation is great for reducing stress. Take some time out to do things you enjoy. Exercise regularly and maintain a balanced diet.

Eat well, keep active. It can make a difference to your energy levels, and help stimulate hormones (like endorphins) that help you feel better about yourself.

Learn something new. Developing new skills and achieving things lifts your mood.

Get back into nature. There's research that shows that when you have contact with pets, plants, gardens, parks etc, it reduces stress and boosts your mood. Go for a walk outside.

Talk to someone you trust. Talking to a family member or friend is a great opportunity for you to express how you're feeling. They can also provide you with an outsider's opinion on what's going on.

Develop a healthy sleep routine. Sleep has a huge effect on our physical and emotional health. Get some tips to help you get into a sleeping routine.

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