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Help the stray in need

Never hesitate to help a stray in need, our Constitution allows for provisions in each locality to designate areas for feeding stray animals.

My neighbours do not want me to look after the animals on our street. What do I do?

You don't wear clothes and eat according to what your neighbours want. So, why should you tailor your acts of compassion according to them. Please do not get deterred due to certain individuals. I know it is very discouraging if people of a locality foolishly hate Indian dogs and the people who look after them but, they should realise that you are protecting them by feeding and looking after dogs. A hungry sick wounded dog is dangerous. There is no law in the Constitution of India that prohibits people from looking after strays. However you should not feed them non vegetarian food as it leaves a stink. You should not feed them in front of people's houses as they might get upset. And, you should pick up their feces if it is near any of the houses. There are scoopers that you can get which are easy to use. You could feed them at a designated area - the Supreme Court has ruled that every colony has to designate areas for feeding. Put collars on all of them so that they are known as colony dogs.

How do I take a stray dog to the vet?

Firstly, thank you for being a good person. Each person looks after his own possessions. Few people go out to look after the world, especially the most helpless beings in it.

Gently approach the dog and make them feel reassured that you mean no harm. You could do so by offering food and water. Once you are sure that the dog trusts you, you can approach the dog. If the dog is unknown, you could use a net. Then muzzle the dog using rags or a cloth. Do so by wrapping the cloth around their jaw and tie a bow behind their ears.

For lifting the dog – if the dog is small, cradle their neck with one hand and place your other arm over its back and around its body. Hold the dog, like a baby.

If the dog is large, slip one arm under their neck, and place your other arm under their stomach. Lift with both arms.

If the dog is very large, slip one arm under their neck, holding their chest in the crook of your arm. Place your other arm under the dog's rump and, pressing your arms toward one another, lift the dog.

In case a stretcher is needed, use a flat board or a blanket. Use a flat board if you suspect a broken back.

Finally, transport the dog to the vet. Bring her/him back if necessary and keep in your verandah or house if it is still too sick. Feed him/her regularly and give them the medicine they need till they are well.

Is dogfighting legal?

Dogfighting is a blood sport where two dogs fight against each other in a pit for the entertainment of the spectators. It is extremely cruel. It is never done simply to watch two starved, wounded dogs

The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 and the Supreme Court of India have passed a law against dogfights, cockfights and bullfights and have asked each state to take stringent steps to eradicate this practice.

If you encounter dogfighting, cockfighting or bullfighting anywhere report it to the police.

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