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Heal with time

All of us need time to adjust – give yourself time and give those around you even more time to adapt, change, accept and embrace

Our parents are divorced since the last 15 years. My mother has too many male friends and she is a compulsive party animal. This is affecting my life. I'm in my second year of college.

Rohan, New Delhi

I totally understand your plight. But, your mother has looked after you for so many years. You are educated and has it ever occurred to you to question yourself about what's wrong in women having friends, male or female, be it your mother, sister or anyone else? If men can, so do women. Just think in that way, you will feel much better. But yes, you can surely have a one-to-one sitting with her and sort out your concerns. She will definitely listen and understand your concerns.

My mother-in-law suffers from strange mood swings. She is very rude and hot tempered at times. We are married for six months and I feel I can't live with her anymore. How do I convince my husband to move out and have our own place?

Name withheld, Noida

This is an age old problem everywhere. Remember it has just been six months. All of us need time to adjust but you should speak to your husband and tell him everything. Moving out is not the solution but making your husband understand your problem is. You both are newly married and so it is the duty of both of you to be compatible by opening up about your difficulties to each other.

I'm very scared to get married as most of my friends have been through a divorce. I'm 34 years old and a well-settled bachelor. What do I do? My family is very upset.

Anirban Ghosh, Kolkata

Take the plunge and I assure you, you will not regret it. Be positive and go for it. Don't think about the negatives and don't think about your friends. Think about yourself. You will be happy. All the best!

My girlfriend is a horrible kisser. Every time we kiss, I remember my ex. How to convey this to her? I don't want to hurt her too.

Thomas J, New Delhi

Hey is this a question? If you remember your ex, then I would ask you to break the relationship. Your are doing injustice to her and to yourself too.

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