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Forgive, forget & move on

Always remind yourself that nothing is more important than your peace and happiness. You were born to be happy and you have the key to achieve your own happiness

Forgive, forget & move on

My father is in a transferable job and we are going to shift to Nagpur in March. I don't want to leave my school and my friends. I'm in Class 7. Can you help me?

Dev Choudhary, Kolkata

I completely understand how painful it must be to relocate and resettle. Yet, what is unfamiliar isn't always bad. The opportunity you are getting can surely benefit you. There is a lot we know and learn when we have to start afresh. Adapting is fun. Alternatively, you can always convince your parents and stay back at a hostel or with some family member. Weigh your options and have faith on your parents. They surely will do the best for you.

I'm having sleepless nights after I have seen a blue film. I'm in Class 9 and scared that I can't concentrate on my career. Please guide.

Name withheld

Take a deep breath and learn to relax. We all have had such beginnings and trust me there are many who go through this phase. Try to concentrate on outdoor sports, read books and watch movies that add fuel to your soul. Spend time doing things that keep you happily engaged. The effect of watching something that is filmed and created cannot be stronger than your own will power. You are not a kid anymore and nothing is impossible if you make an effort. It's just a bad phase and will pass.

My wife is pregnant and she is causing a lot of problems between my mother and me. I hate returning from work. I don't know how to handle the situation at home.

Mr. V. Singh, Kolkata

At present, I strongly recommend you to forgive, forget and learn to accommodate more than you have ever done. You know well enough that your wife is going through a new and challenging phase of womanhood. She needs your love, care and support. Talk to your mother and express your concern. Her love and support will help you sail. Don't get angry or neglect your home at any cost. Try never to lose your temper and stay in the situation to fix it. I'm sure things will be fine in the near future. Enjoy the journey and happy parenting.

Please suggest tips on how to remain happy. I don't want to stay sad.

Isha, New Delhi

I love your question as I'm a big fan of people who choose to remain happy. Here are few ways that I follow. Hope they help you too.

l Hang around positive people who make you smile. Avoid those who are perpetually complaining and criticising.

l Always remind yourself that nothing is more important than your peace and happiness. You are born to be happy!

l Always keep a goal in life, something to look forward to. That will keep you motivated.

l Try to make the best of every situation. Spend time reading, watching movies, exploring your hobbies and most importantly travelling. Travel as much as you can. Focus on collecting memories that last a lifetime.

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