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Fall in puppy love

Expecting puppies can be exciting – but you must also provide care and nourishment to the mother as she helps her children grow

Fall in puppy love

My pet dog just had puppies. When can I put them up for adoption?

Ideally, you should wait a week or two after the puppies have weaned from their mothers before putting them up for adoption. Generally, dogs wean from their mothers in six weeks. So, they can be put up for adoption when they are seven or eight weeks old. Some breeds wean from their mothers at 10-12 weeks. So, ensure that whichever breed you adopt or buy, the puppy has had the necessary time with his/her mother. If you separate a puppy before they wean, they can develop behavioural and socialisation problems as well as health problems. Make sure they are already eating solid food on their own before putting your puppies up for adoption.

How do I make the separation and sending of newborn animals to their new home less stressful?

Separating the newborn litter from its mother and sending it to a completely new environment can be very stressful for your pet. To reduce stress, you can allow the new owners to come and spend time with the litter before sending them to their new house. This way, the newborn animals can familiarise themselves with them and perhaps feel less scared. Never let a newborn animal be sent away before completely weaning off and learning the basic socialisation and behavioural skills from his/her mother and siblings. If you are going to send the litter for adoption, it would be better to not get too close with the animals and prevent separation anxiety and stress. As owners of the adopted animals, let the animal familiarise themselves with the surroundings and let them come to you. Don't force yourself on the animals as this can make them more stressed and frightened.

People say that puppies should not be bathed until they are three months. Why?

You should only bathe puppies that are older than 12 weeks. Until they are old enough, you might have to settle cleaning your puppy with a sponge bath. Before your dog is 12 weeks old, the less water the better.

How often should I clean my dog's ears and with what?

The regularity with which you clean your dog's ears depends on your pet's breed, coat, level of activity, age and ear wax production. We recommend that most dogs with normal ears have cleanings at least once a month. Also, keep looking for any secretions or developing wax from time to time. Use a ear cleaning solution to wipe the ear.

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