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Face or avoid problems carefully

Time changes everything. Be confident and thank God that you were born! Problems are to be faced or avoided carefully.

Face or avoid problems carefully
I have recently found out that my father is associated with a lot of young models. They exchange very erotic messages and snaps. Should I tell my mother?
Name unknown, Gujarat
You can always have a transparent communication with your father. Observe his reaction and hear his reply. Telling your mother will hurt her and this is avoidable right now. Your father surely needs to know that you are aware of his 'other' side. Suggest you tell him that you have known from a few friends rather than disclosing the truth. As he might be alert and delete information from the phone forever. Don't be hyper, handle it well and see the results. Good luck!
I'm the third girl child. My parents had always wanted a boy. I'm in 8th standard and feel very unhappy with the way I'm sometimes treated by my family. How to cope?
Name unknown
Don't be so upset. I was born seven years after my elder sister. And apparently my mother was so shattered that she cried all day and didn't see me for 11 hours! I can surely vouch, time changes everything. Be confident and thank God that YOU were born! Keep your head high, concentrate on your grades, your future and be a good human being. Problems are to be faced or avoided carefully. Try and spend more time at some relatives or friend's house to ensure absolute peace of mind. Concentrate on building a brighter tomorrow and I'm confident, the dark clouds will disappear soon. Cheer up girl!
I have a guy friend who is not my boy friend yet gets very jealous when I give more importance to any other guy in the group. He never speaks about having an affair with me. What should I do?
Akritii, New Delhi
I really don't know what's holding your "friend" back. One thing you can do is not be so "available". My advice would be to start seeing other people and when he calls, occasionally tell him you're busy or going out. Maybe that will snap him out of the "we're just friends" routine. The bottom line is - you need to take care of you. He may be jealous and possessive but unless he steps up, what do you really have? He's scared of something and he has to deal with whatever that is before he would be ready for anything deeper. Don't worry about the future. Handle the present well and all will be good!
My wife is getting very cold. Last few months, she takes no interest in anything physical with me. We have a 3 year old and as a mother she does her duty. As a wife I never find her. What should I do?
Mr Ghosh, Kolkata
Did you try speaking to her? Don't chase her but please ask her what the problem is. Do not neglect this as it will only create more distance between you both. Sometimes work related stress lead to fatigue that might affect your relationship. May be, there's something that has changed in you that is having a silent effect on her. There could be other reasons too. Let's be positive and try to fix it. Plan a vacation, preferably just the two of you. This will heal the situation and help bridge the gap. Try to ignite the physical chemistry. Be alert, sensitive and spend a lot of time chatting and being with her. Wish you good luck and I'm sure, soon the sun will shine again.
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