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If you believe you have the ability and the patience to pursue your dreams, then you should only listen to yourself

Dream BIG

I am 15 and a single child. My parents don't have time for me and I've tried out writing down what I feel but nothing has changed. It only gets worse every day. Please help.

Dwiti, Noida

We all need someone to talk to and if we don't have anybody around, it surely isn't a happy feeling. But strong individuals will find a way out and I think you are a strong person. Try to make new friends. Focus on building yourself by doing something that you really like doing. Write blogs, create content and do activities that you enjoy. Try and join a gym or yoga and may be you will find some great friends at these places too. If you like pets, get one for yourself. It surely is a wonderful therapy. Never lose heart and feel depressed. You will always recover from this phase. Trust me.

My husband is completely addicted to technology. It's affecting our lives very much. What should be done?

K Tripathi, New Delhi

Technology is a boon but we need to know when to switch it off. We definitely have to unplug before bed, as keeping technology in the bedroom tends to get into our personal space. It also serves as an early morning distraction and potentially makes us late to work. One of the major problems that technology addiction has caused is lack of awareness. Technology transports our minds into another place regardless of where we are. Start spending more time with him, make him aware of surroundings and show your love. Go for a vacation to a place away from the crowd and constant interference of technology. He will perhaps become far more functional in various situations and will get closer to you. All the best.

I want to be a DJ but my parents want me to get into the family business. I don't know how to convince them. Can you help?

Sunny, West Bengal

If you feel you have the ability and the patience to pursue your dreams then you should only listen to yourself. The entertainment industry has its glory but it has a lot of difficulties that one has to cope with. The factor of luck is also vital. Please tell them that you need a few years to dedicate yourself to your dream. If by chance it doesn't click, you will do as they want. Convince them and I'm sure, they'll understand and support you.

I get angry very fast and sometimes end up breaking expensive things or do things that I repent later. How can I control myself?

Name withheld, Kolkata

You could try one of these to cool off: Breathe deeply, from your diaphragm. Breathing from your chest won't relax you, so picture your breath coming up from your "gut." Slowly repeat a calming word or phrase, such as "relax" or "take it easy." Keep repeating it to yourself while breathing deeply. Use imagery. Visualise a relaxing experience from your memory or your imagination. Try non-strenuous, slow exercises. Yoga and similar activities can relax your muscles and calm you down. Good luck!

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