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Domestic violence is the worst thing for a child to witness

Allowing anyone to be physically violent with you is a form of mental destruction. Such domestic violence is the worst thing one can allow children to witness.

Domestic violence is the worst thing for a child to witness

I have erotic dreams every night. I dream of strippers and whores. Is it abnormal?

Name unknown
The line between normal and abnormal is too thin. What might seem normal to you, might look absurd to others. I suggest, you read some good books or watch some television programs or films before you sleep. Fill your mind with healthy thoughts. Dreams are nothing but the extension of the thoughts we gather. Watching constructive things might help your mind to clear eroticism. Everything in life is fine as long as it helps you remain positive and happy.
My husband beats me up. We are married for last five years and we have a 1 year old son. I'm living in hell. What can I do?
R Kumari, New Delhi
To allow a man (or anyone) to put their hands on you is a form of mental destruction. Such domestic violence is the worst thing you can allow your child to witness. Unfortunately people have the habit of repeating these sick actions if they are not stopped the very first time. I suggest, stand up and fight it out. Take strong steps and if need be, involve your family or close friends to seek legal advice. Keeping quiet and tolerating is no sign of showing strength or love. You will lose your mental peace, confidence and gradually be depressed. Please take a decision and we wish you good luck.
My mother died when I was very young. Since then my father dates multiple women. I'm angry and feel helpless at home. I'm in 3rd year of Engineering. What can I do?
Name unknown
Your father has the right to lead his life according to his choice. You too have the right to feel disturbed in the situation. Considering you are mature enough to take a decision, I strongly recommend you to start living away from home. If your college does not have any hostel, start living as a PG or with someone you can. At the end of the day, you cannot change his way of life. Best is to focus on yours and make it better. Good luck.
I can't trust anyone. I feel everyone is selfish and here for a reason. Is this abnormal? Please guide!
Divya, Kolkata
At first, I request you to have confidence on yourself. If you have a positive inner self, nobody can scar it. It is indeed a fact that in present time, there seems to be a difference between the face and the mask people wear. People do have hidden agenda which may conflict with your expectation. The best way to be a happier individual is to have less emotional involvement. Give every association the time it requires before you give in or open up completely. Selfish people do exist but alongside exists the good souls. Life will bring both. Wish you the luck to differentiate between the two. Avoid worrying and just be yourself.
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