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Control your food intake

Control your food intake
Can you kindly recommend on how to eat less. I am turning obese and unable to stop eating more than I should.
Krishna Agrawal, New Delhi.

Here are some tips to help you control your food intake:

1. Use smaller plates:

A full plate sends the signal that you're eating a full meal and a partially full plate looks like a skimpy meal, regardless of the actual quantity of food. The same amount of food looks more and will fill you faster.

2. Serve yourself 20% less

You can eat 80% of the food you'd normally eat and probably not notice, so long as no one points it out to you. You could also eat 20% more—not a bad idea if you're scooping vegetables. If you have those smaller plates mentioned above, serving yourself a little less should be just as satisfying.

3. Use taller glasses

Just like less food looks like more food on a smaller plate, height makes things look larger than width, even when the volumes are the same. You can cut down on your liquid calories by choosing taller glasses rather than shorter, fatter ones.

4. Eat protein for breakfast

Breakfast eating is a miracle weight loss cure. Food high in protein have been proven to suppress appetite and reduce subsequent eating throughout the day.

5. Keep snacks out of sight or out of the building

Study after study have shown that people eat a lot more when is food visible rather than put away where it can't be seen, even if they know it is there. The extra work forces you to question the value of your action, and this gives you the opportunity to talk yourself out of a decision you may regret later. To avoid extra snacking keep tempting foods out of sight, or better yet, out of the house. On the flip side, keep healthy foods prominently displayed and easy to reach.

7. Chew thoroughly

Slow down, chew each bite (counting your chews can help develop the habit) and watch as you fill up faster on fewer calories.
8. Don't eat from the package. Your stomach can't count. When you can't see how much you're eating you're more than a little likely to lose track and consume double or even triple the amount you'd eat if you took the time to serve yourself a proper portion. Use a plate, or a bowl, or even a napkin, just make sure you get a good visual of everything you're going to eat before taking your first bite.

9. Don't eat in front of the TV

For the vast majority of us, distracted eating is overeating. There's no reason you can't take twenty minutes to sit down and have a proper meal before enjoying your entertainment.

What are the signs that the man is not ready to commit into the relationship?
Madhu Banerjee, Kolkata

Here are some signs that might be prevalent:

1. If your man is secretive and doesn't share information about himself, he may not be the right man for you. By being cautious and keeping you out of his life, he is giving you the message that you do not count, you are not that significant to him.

2. If he does not bring you home to meet his family, then he is not committed to you. Many sons will not bring a date home to meet their family until they believe they have met the person who will be a part of their lives forever.

3. If your man is withholding and not sharing information about where he is going and with whom, then you might have a problem. If a partner needs to keep a private 'free' schedule, he is telling you, in no uncertain terms, that he does not want to be tied down to you.

4. If your fellow drops your hand in public, doesn't take you out on dates, but rather suggests wining and dining only at home... he is sending you a signal that he does not want to be seen with you. You can always rationalize why your dates are connected to down time at home, but nevertheless, if you listen to your inner voice, you will hear that he "likes" you, but does not "love" you. And, if your relationship feels like you are holding hands, but that if you let go, he'll be gone... then you are definitely in denial. Wish you the best dear!

We are married for 4 years and I'm unable to get pregnant. My reports look normal but he is always making an excuse for not seeking medical help. What should I do?

Name not given, New Delhi

Firstly, I request you to cool off and be confident on yourself. Try and talk it out with him with your best of ability. If need be, beg, cry, fight and drag him to your doctor. Explain him your growing concern and rope a family or friend into this who might have better control on him. In today's time, everything is possible. Right medical direction, attention and patience will surely give the desired results. And if he is still adamant, just hug him one day and tell him you are pregnant!!! Let's see, what happens next... he's bound to do what needs to be done. All the best!

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