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Be your own boss!

My wife earns more than me and she acts very bossy and rude with the family. What can be done?

N. Pal, Kolkata

If you are sure that her financial strength is the reason for your unhappiness, please try and work some better arrangements for yourself. Try and earn more, if possible. I do not know your profession but in today's time, having multiple sources of earning is becoming vital for survival. In the mean time, try and express your heart to her. If she loves you, she might change her behavior. Don't try your hands at something beyond you. Try your best to manage the relationship and hope she will change someday. Don't lose heart and be brave enough to be happy at whatever cost.

I can't trust anyone. I feel everyone is selfish and here for a reason. Is this abnormal? Please guide.

A. Thomas, New Delhi

At first, I request you to have confidence in yourself. If you have a positive inner-self, nobody can scar it. It is indeed a fact that in present time, there seems to be a difference between the face and the mask people wear. People do have hidden agendas which may be in conflict with your expectations. The best way to be a happier individual is to have less emotional involvement. Give every association the time it requires before you give in or open up completely. Selfish people do exist but, alongside, good souls exist too. Life will bring you both. Wish you the luck to differentiate between the two. Avoid worrying and just be yourself.

I need physical intimacy but my husband, who is nine years older, is absolutely reluctant. I'm feeling depressed but don't know what to do. Can you kindly help?

Name withheld, Kolkata

Have you tried consulting a doctor? That might be required. In the mean time, try your best to ignite the flame. Keep your kids (if any) at some relatives for a night and try something adventurous at home. Try getting close at places in your own home which haven't been explored yet. The kitchen top/the verandah/the roof…you know what I mean! Start the night with your sexiest self and, perhaps, some hot movies might also acts as a catalyst. Also remember, too much stress at work might be the reason for the distance. Understand your partner and help him bridge the gap. All the best!

I have spent so much of my life dealing with two-faced, unfaithful relationships that I simply do not trust anyone anymore. Is this abnormal?

Renuka, New Delhi

I'm sorry to hear that. Sometimes I feel the same way too. It is indeed hard when all you know is betrayal, but trust me...there are good people out there. You just need to learn how to pick them out of the crowd. I wish you the very best to stay calm, patient and wait for the right time and the right one. Faith is the only word that will work for most broken hearts.

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