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Be sure before diving in

If you give your heart to everyone you meet, the chances are that you will get it broken almost as many times as you give it away, so resist the temptation.

Be sure before diving in

My maternal uncle is divorced and whenever he visits us, he tries to touch me. I don't want to tell my parents but I don't know how to stop this. Please help!

Name unknown

If you choose not to tell your parents about it (which is probably not the best thing to do), you need to at least cut him off the best you can. No more spending time around him whatsoever. If he sits next to you anywhere, get up and move. Under no circumstances should you ever be alone with him anywhere at any time. This man has technically molested you, and it will only escalate with time. Avoid him like plague.

I have failed many times in love, yet I can't stop myself from proposing. Please advise what I should do?

Danny Joel, Noida

If you give your heart to everyone you meet, the chances are that you will get it broken almost as many times as you give it away. This can be particularly painful for someone who is in 'love' because they are very open and sensitive to begin with and will experience every rejection at a deep level, even if it is only after a couple of dates. Although you may not have much choice over how many times you feel the feelings of love for someone, you do have some choice over how often you express it and who you fall in love with. Choose wisely and declare after being sure of the love or the lover. Hold onto your temptation to propose. Be sure before you dive. Good luck.

My daughter is in 10th standard. She has friends who are much older than her. Her lifestyle is annoying me but she doesn't care! What can we do?

Mrs Gagan, New Delhi

To begin with, I would want to know why you are feeling annoyed. Is it because of the fact that they are older and you fear that they may turn out to be a bad influence on her or is it just that you don't know what kind of a friendship they have? These older friends could also be helping your daughter get through life more easily and be true shoulders to lean on. Talk to your daughter and have a heart-to-heart chat and your problems will get sorted. Try to bridge the gap and be a genuine friend who she can rely on.
I belong to a very conservative family. I'm 19 and even now they escort me everywhere. I can't go to my friend's place for sleepover parties! I'm very upset. How can they change?

Madhu Sinha, West Bengal

The past plays an important role to mould our present. Probably they had a strict upbringing and hence they have this attitude towards you. You must try and have an open chat with them where you should explain your problems in detail. Parents do take time to understand that we have grown up. Just don't lose heart and be good. Trust time and everything will fall into place. Do not try to convince them with your arrogance. Be patient and act wisely.

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