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An Introduction to feline habits

Feral cat’s behaviour is more akin to squirrels ; stray cats develop feral tendencies if they’ve been living in the wild for long.

An Introduction to feline habits

I feed a cat everyday but she doesn't come near me. She eats the food I give her some place away. What could I be doing wrong?

When you find a cat outdoors, it's either stray or feral. Dealing with feral cats is very different to dealing with strays, and their trust is sometimes impossible to earn.
Feral cats are born in the wild or outdoors. They have never been pets or lived inside. Stray cats were once pets, but were then lost or abandoned by the owner.
Feral cat's behaviour is more akin to squirrels. Strays are generally more friendly and approachable, and tend to hang out in residential areas and near homes.
Stray cats develop feral tendencies if they've been living in the wild for long periods. It can take a long period of one-on-one interaction with a cat to determine if it's stray or feral.
In any case, you feed the cat because it makes you feel good to do something good. Why should you want a return for your services. Let the cat be and take pleasure in the feeding.
My cats have a cold. They saw a vet and he said to just let it run the course. Is there anything I can do to comfort them more, to ease symptoms?
You could try giving a steam bath. Obviously don't put the cat in the water or allow it to get burnt from the hot water. Put the cat securely in a cat basket and then next to the basket have a bowl of hot / just boiled water with a drop of Olbas oil. Put a towel over the basket and bowl to allow the steam into the basket to help relieve the symptoms. Do this for 15-20 minutes three times a day.
My cat is sneezing and her eyes are watering. Are there any home remedies available?
The best thing you can do for her is supportive treatment. Clean the nasal discharge so that she can breathe better, encourage eating by offering more tasty food, slightly warmed up, little at a time. This could be white fish, tuna in water, sardines, plain boiled chicken, till recovery.
You can also use Olbas oil for steaming; make sure you don't burn yourself or the cat though. You should put your cat in a carrier, and in front of thecarrier put some empty litter tray with some hot water and then add one drop of Olbas oil. Put a towel on top of the tray and the cat carrier, so that your cat inhales the steam produced. This would need to be only for 10 minutes, three times a day. Your cat should gradually feel better in one to three weeks. It's important that she eats.
Cats that get a cold need enough water (just like humans, they need fluids for a cold). See that they eat properly (cat food or baby food containing only meat and meat juice, no onions will entice them to eat more). Children's saline drops are helpful. Buy "Little Noses" spray (without any medication, just the saline) and lavage the nostrils with it just like you would with human cold spray. This is a temporary treatment that lasts about half day, so do it morning and night. Sniffles can also be decreased with use of Sudafed nasal drops for kids, but the dosage must be exact to your cat's weight.
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