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All about raising them right

Many love to have pets – apart from feeding them, we must also know about bringing them up

All about raising them right

How can people who live outside India help and support animal welfare?

People who live outside the country can do various things to support and help animal welfare. Firstly, they can donate either in cash or kind to any animal welfare NGO of their choice. They can also campaign for animal welfare on social media, start a petition to increase the penalty for animal cruelty. Using social media such as Instagram or Facebook to advocate for a higher penalty against animal cruelty can be of great help towards the welfare of animals. International Animal Welfare NGOs can collaborate with NGOs based in India and host fundraisers on a large scale. This will ensure the generation of funds as well as awareness, which is equally important.

As a pet food ingredient, is yeast bad for dogs?

Yeast in any form is very harmful to dogs. It is highly toxic to dogs and ingestion of it can lead to life-threatening complications. When a dog consumes yeast, there are two major concerns one needs to worry about: bloating and alcohol poisoning. Yeast rises in warm and moist environments, so when a dog ingests yeast it causes their stomach to expand. That increase in size & pressure can lead to bloat (GDV: Gastric Dilatation Volvulus), a rapidly progressive life-threatening condition. A dog can get alcohol poisoning because, during the fermentation process, yeast produces ethanol which can very well absorb into their bloodstream.

What's wrong with drinking dairy milk?

In order for a cow to produce milk, she must have a calf. Dairy cows are impregnated every year so that they will provide a steady supply of milk. In the natural order of things, the cow's calf would drink her milk. But the babies of cows on dairy farms are taken away within a day or two of birth so that humans can have the milk that is intended for the calves. Female calves on dairy farms are slaughtered immediately or raised to produce milk. Male calves are often killed immediately or confined to tiny veal crates that are too small for them even to turn around in. Because of the high demand for dairy products, cows must be pushed beyond their natural limits, genetically engineered and fed growth hormones so that they will produce huge quantities of milk. Even the few farmers who choose not to raise animals intensively must get rid of the calf (who would otherwise drink the milk). The cow is sent off to slaughter or thrown into the street after her milk production wanes. The dairy industry leads directly to the leather industry.

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