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A fresh outlook on life

It is only when we seek and work for something greater, higher and nobler that we can accomplish a qualitative change in our lives

A fresh outlook on life

It is not every year that you have the sensation of completing a decade. Today the millennium is 20 years old. So is it going to behave more maturely than it's 19-year self? We will have to wait and find out. Meanwhile here are some reasons to fall in love with the coming year. Firstly from a trying teenager to trying to be matured, 2019 has shown us a year of conflict and strife. So in 2020 let's spread only love, to your family, friends, neighbors and also neighbor's wives. Let's try and end all conflicts this year.

Secondly, let's make 2020 a year of relationships. If you have a loved one, be extra nice to your special person. And if you like someone but haven't proposed yet, let's take the plunge. If you don't, you will never know if it was reciprocated.

Let's make 2020 a year where you fall in love with yourself. Do something special that you always wanted to do. Take that trip you planned or read that book you cherished.

This year let's actively try and forgive everyone. That friend who hurt you, that colleague you thought you would never forgive, let's move past it. For, forgiveness brings inner peace and that gives you a glow that the most expensive makeup can't replicate.

Let's make 2020 a year of fitness. Let's not set insurmountable goals. In fitness, a little bit every day goes a long way. Let's open a chapter on a fitter better you.

George Orwell had predicted that soon we will be drowning in technology. He was right. But it has drastically cut down time spent with families. So in 2020, let's have family time without electronics. Simple conversations bring you so much closer to each other.

Nowadays everyone has lots of friends but they seem to be all online ones. But you can't hold the hand of an online friend. Your online friend cannot hug you when you need it the most. So in 2020 let's focus on real friends – the old fashioned offline ones.

Just like friends, the online world has changed our hobbies too. Instead of reaching for that gaming console, let's encourage the kids to head for the playground. Instead of reaching for the TV remote, choose to take a walk. Get back to nature.

The immense progress of the last few decades has come at a price. The earth is groaning under the onslaught. Already the polar icecaps are melting and weather patterns are changing everywhere. So in 2020 let's actively try and recycle. Let's not use anything that comes out of plastic bottles or cans or even a package.

Another source of pollution is our car. Tomorrow, instead of taking out your car and joining the crazy city traffic, let's look for alternatives. Maybe the metro? Or better still if you don't live too far away, take out your bicycle and ride to work. The added advantage is that you can miss the gym since biking is one of the best workouts. We are now so busy with our lives, that we are surprised when we realise that another year has gone by. But time is ticking away. So in 2020 let's take a breather. Let's plan for moments away from this constant running around. Take vacations.

When we were kids, we were all talented. We could either sing, paint, recite or dance. But then we grew up and everyone forgot about it including us. This year let's go back and pick up that one hobby you really enjoyed as a kid. Nurture the child in you.

And last but not least, look around you my friend, patterns of lives are changing fast. Now, kids might get jobs or even lives in faraway cities away from their parents. You might be thinking that my kids are so young, I need not think about this. But while planning for their futures, please plan yours too. With higher life expectancy and rising living costs, it might be too late to save for yours when your kids grow up.

So in 2020 let's plan ahead for our futures as parents. And course let's love our own parents while we still have them. Everyone, have a fabulous 2020. Make it perfect.

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