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A bond beyond boundaries

A mother’s love is unparalleled and irreplaceable – this Mother’s Day, take time out from your busy schedules to spend quality time with that person who will stick by you no matter what

A bond beyond boundaries

Maa, is the strongest emotion. A bond that binds us forever. Lucky are the ones who are blessed to have her for long. As long as she is around, we can care to be a 'child'. Today is Mother's Day and for the lucky ones, here are a few ideas.

Buy her a gift: Not just anything that you wish but something that she desires. Try to find something that she would want to have. You never know, she might have longed for one special thing but never uttered a word.

Cook a dish: Whatever she would wish! In this internet blessed life, I'm confident that you can rustle up her favourite dish by exploring the recipe online. Don't worry if the effort fails. She would love it anyway.

A movie or a theatre: Why not spend an evening just enjoying and relaxing? A Chinese dinner at her favourite restaurant after that will always be wonderful.

A drive: To the lanes and bylanes of the past. Her childhood neighbourhood, her school, her college, her best friend's home or the first house where your parents started their life together – nostalgia can never fail and ice cream should always follow.

Organise a small musical adda at home: A few friends, a guitar, a harmonium and you, that's all you need to organise a memorable evening for her. She can sing her favourite Rabindra sangeet or Ghulam Ali while you can record her. She would blush, forget a word or two and still win hearts with her performance. Mothers are the greatest.

If she is away from you: Video call her or surprise her with a video conference along with your siblings and make her super happy. You can always book a cake or some flowers wherever you are and send it across to her on this special day.

Spend more time: Just promise yourself to spend more quality time with her. Flip through the old albums, let your head loose on her lap, sniff the smell of her saree while she softly runs her fingers through your hair. Feel heaven on earth.

Whatever you do, do remember - nothing lasts forever. We never know when there will be no tomorrow. Today is the best day and remember to celebrate in your best way.

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