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18 it is!

It’s 2018 and here is a list of the 18 most important things to do if you want it to be a brighter year.

18  it is!
Every New Year is a fresh new chapter. We feel motivated, positive and wish to spend the 365 days in the best possible way. It's 2018 and here is a list of the 18 most important things to do if you want it to be a brighter year.
1. Plan the plan: it is important to plan. Professional, financial as well as personal life always require advance planning. Try and plan life for the next 60 days. Mark and maintain a calendar for self assessment. Though life and time often has its own plan yet it is crucial to have ours ready.
2. Discuss: Discuss your plan, dreams, aspirations with people who matter to you. Talk it out with only those who bring out the best in you. Suggestions or views might open a new window that you didn't even consider. Great minds often discuss before exploring.
3. Self appreciation: Achievements can be small or large. Do spend a few seconds to pat your own back for anything good you have done. Don't get affected if your boss or in laws fail to appreciate. You are your best judge. Celebration can always begin with you.
4. Travel: check the yearly calendar and mark the dates in advance. Plan short, medium, or long trips with people who don't stress you. Do remember to take the senior members of the family for at least one good holiday. Spending time with your family is absolutely rewarding. Plan now to save and get your life sorted accordingly.
5. Make new friends: don't remain stuck to the little gang you hang around with always. Meeting new people from diverse cultures will open your mind to a whole new world. The friends I'm referring to are not the extensive social media friends who are always e-present. Spend time with like minded people.
6. Eat well. Eat right: Eat what is healthy and suits your body type. Do consider the fact that with age comes restrictions. Enjoy the present and eat what makes you happy.
7. Exercise: not just to look hotter but to feel healthy. Let all the extra kilos melt and shape you up. Start slow but do begin. There is never an alternative to a healthy body.
8. Buy things: not just the really expensive stuffs for yourself but small gifts for the world beyond you. A small token bought and gifted with love will speak volumes. Make a list of the people who have been there for you through thick and thin. Do try to buy something for those who qualify.
9. Enjoy the 'me time': not with the mobile or laptop but with yourself. Each time you are handling a gadget in your free time, you are not spending any 'me time'. Enjoy short but sweet time relaxing, dreaming and exploring everyday.
10. Get entertained: movies, theatres, concerts are always there but how about getting entertained by doing something else. Meet someone who makes you laugh, gang up with old buddies, go for a solo trek. Do something to feel lighter and merrier.
11. Express: don't hold on to anger, grudge, depression. Try to explain and express it there and then. Allowing dark clouds to form isn't healthy for our mind and relationships. Shout it out, write or jump around. Do whatever it takes but express to let go.
12. Forgive: not easy but try it for sure. Learning to forgive is a big step towards mental peace.
13. Love without conditions: just love without expecting anything. Love everyone for who they are. Kindness, understanding and love go hand in hand. Love as much as you can to set example for the world which is just getting mechanical and self centered.
14. Learn to appreciate: the life you have got. Comparisons and competitiveness never yeild great happiness. Be generous with your appreciations. When you learn to appreciate you will spread happiness.
15. Dress well. Smell better: consult your styling need from someone who will be a good guide. It is not just about buying brands but it is about how you carry. The wardrobe basics have to be fixed before anything else. What you wear and how you smell speak a lot about you.
16. Make and save money: earn and save it for future. Your financial stability is crucial for mental peace. Plan your finances in a way that you do keep some to celebrate yourself.
17. Be kind: not just to your own people but with all. Your words, actions should always be kind enough for people to love you more.
18. Say no to negativity: run away from those who tamper your positive self. Have the courage to protest negative people and help yourself. Negative people have the ability to make you feel miserable, nervous even on a bright sunny day. Hope the New Year is great for all.
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