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Mute victims of urban development

2018-07-21 13:54:28.0
The authorities’ blatant disregard to protecting the environment outraged Delhi’s citizens in June – they took to the streets in large numbers opposing the government’s decision of mindless urban development.

PM Modi has lied to nation on Rafale: Rahul

2018-07-20 12:38:53.0
New Delhi: Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Friday said French President Emmanuel Macron had told him that there was no secrecy pact with...

The Outlier: Making the Most of Training

2018-07-14 14:19:57.0
With experience from a workshop, the author shares insight on training the body and mind to navigate through challenges and adversities.

Rhapsody in the Rain

2018-07-07 15:13:22.0
A warm cup of exotic chai or a relaxing body massage; a walk down Delhi’s historic lanes or a comfortable night out with like-minded strangers – take your pick this monsoon in Delhi!

The Intoxicating, Sensuous Voice

2018-06-30 13:18:58.0
Despite a tragic end in untimely death — Geeta Dutt continues to reign hearts with her evergreen melodies of the golden years.

Timeless Renditions of Mesmeric Mukesh

2018-06-23 15:29:50.0
Mukesh's voice lent a Midas touch – whatever he sang immediately turned to gold – for music lovers, his mellifluous symphonies will be fondly cherished and always remembered, writes Sharad Dutt.

Bridging Gaps: Inter-Faith Iftars

2018-06-16 13:56:23.0
Once a strictly private Muslim affair, over the years, Iftar has gained currency to become a symbol of unity – among intra-Muslim sects, across religious groups and also between genders, elaborates Zafar Abbas.

Lata Mangeshkar: The Inimitable Nightingale

2018-06-09 13:58:59.0
The Nightingale of our times, Lata Mangeshkar has not only been a melodious treat but also a pioneer in resurrecting the public relevance of musicians in the entertainment business, writes Sharad Dutt.

Manna Dey: A many-splendoured Songster

2018-06-02 15:44:36.0
From Indian classical rhythm to western beats, Manna Dey had aced each genre with inimitable ease. This master musician, was among the best gifts that Bollywood had offered its viewers, writes Sharad Dutt.

Ghulam Haider: The Grand Master of Melodies

2018-05-26 14:25:30.0
An icon of undivided India, Ghulam Haider carried forward his community's historic musical legacy, creating harmonious renditions that had revolutionised Indian music in the early 20th century, writes Sharad Dutt.

Talat Mahmood: The Ghazal Samrat

2018-05-19 13:26:02.0
Talat Mahmood was a beacon of antique, ethereal music. His velvet-husky voice continues to reverberate many fond memories, writes Sharad Dutt.

Carcass Crisis: Kolkata Outraged

2018-05-12 12:12:16.0
Kolkata's carcass meat trade has a historical link that has long been averted. With the crisis now at its peak, establishments of the city are witnessing a debilitating backlash as residents are in complete disarray, writes Pritesh Basu.


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