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Gauging social inhibitions

The new social distancing norms necessitated by the current pandemic will have far-reaching consequences on how we interact, even as the scale of the disaster brings us closer together as a species

According to the sociologist Robert Morrison Maclver, society is a web of humane relations and interactions. Societal change is an inextricable ingredient of human existence that leads to social transformation. Any naturally occurring or man-induced event would alter the fibre of the society creating an atmosphere of behavioural modification. The outbreak of the pandemic has cast a spell of tenebrosity over the world by creating conditions of behavioural trepidation and societal modifications. The impact of the two World Wars shook the entire world, brought about a change in the society, igniting a sense of social renaissance and resulted in efforts of stitching the severed relations between countries by uniting them on common goals of reconstruction, development and stability by ensuring the world's trajectory is aligned under the grand scheme of globalisation which allows the unrestricted flow of ideas, people and goods to mutually benefit all the war-torn nations. Dedicated efforts were made to alleviate the economic and social profile of nations devastated by war. The antithesis of the wars is the annihilating impact of the pandemic that has wriggled down the throat of the citizens across the globe leaving an unsettling impact, socially exasperating the world population with constant consternation of the spread of the disease, which has deepened the emotional gap between people due to the unremitting preventive guidelines of self-isolation and social distancing that has mentally and socially debilitated the minds of the people across the world, which in turn has distorted their day to day living.

Individuals inhabiting the globe will witness dramatic changes in which the 'personal will be considered dangerous'. The memories of the lockdown and the advisory instructions of the social distancing would have caused an alarming sense of hygiene consciousness, by making it a second nature to recoil from shaking hands and touching faces and a perpetual aversion of breathing in an enclosed space with fellow people. Society will resonate with the altruistic ideals of enhancing community values and making relentless efforts in reducing materialistic tendencies. As the self caged period would have intensified the need for self-introspection, self-realisation and reversed the trend from 'social intimacy to self privacy.'

As COVID-19 swamped the entire world under its deadly wings, its inability to distinguish between reds and blues has allowed people to begin to think past their differences and face the disease with shared efforts and support. The crisis will leave open scope for stronger family care, with indefinite time spending of families with each other making relations meaningful and a sense of shared responsibility will come to the forefront. The isolation period will eliminate artificial barriers in the way of the internet, bringing people to a closure with the unfettered benefits of virtual reality in fighting the perils of self-isolation which could destabilise our mental health which is countered by adopting a healthy digital lifestyle, which when applied in the field of education by inducing innovative methods of teaching help in augmenting cognitive skills and enhance the quick decision- making attitude in the lives of the children.

The life after the awaited eradication of the Coronavirus would also witness a Janus-faced impact on our society of which visible signs are seen through the increased number of marital dissolutions taking place in China, owing to the time spent by the couples together causing heated arguments to arise out of it. There will be an increase in henpecking within a family unit and the patriarchal system prevalent in India would create situations of power struggles between the married couple, leading to domestic violence and displacing the peace of the household. Rise of social inertia in society will allow percolation of social inequalities as people will be extra conscious of accessing services. Society could also witness enhanced vexation in the lives of people due to limited access to configure their aesthetics requirements which are considered very important in keeping the confidence and morale high and the inability to fulfil these desires would create conditions of low esteem and the gnawing sense of unhappiness in the lives of people. Consumers will shift their dietary habits and home-cooked food would make a resurgence and a reduced intake of exotic, risqué foods. The food market industry would have to make conscious efforts to meet the needs of the new pandemic mindset. There will be surging demand for the pre-packaged food that would dominate the market. Food safety laws will come under stricter lens causing the restaurants being abandoned by the customers and the mode of selling food would only be through delivery.

This will gradually come to the onset of contemporary social learning that earlier emphasised on establishing strong genus interactions. Today our thought process has opened up to an extent where the mind is capable of exploring concepts and ideas that must have been considered banal earlier, that can be seen as very integral today and this could be understood in the way people worldwide communicate, work, associate and relate. It will not just be a mere change but an awareness that would make a conscious modification in the way humanity structured and maintained social units, constructed cultural norms and values and devised ways of survival for prolonged existence. Human anatomy stipulates the ability of man to interpret and integrate various sections of natural and self-caused phenomena into conscious awareness. It is only then that new social learning inhibits the human mind and alters the predefined notions of existence.

Going back to the findings I suggested at the top of my article's introductory elements led me to a very important triggering conclusion. It is in this spectacle of life that society is congregating on the three tenets of faith, hope and spirituality driven self-actualisation while we as a species struggle to grasp the harm that we have inflicted on the natural balance, giving a very different descry. Every earthling must realise the need of the hour and make self as well as societal preservation, along with augmenting the natural cycle their priority.

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